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"The Wreck of the Relationship" is the second episode of Season 26.


When Bart disrespects Homer's authority, Homer attempts to start parenting, which doesn't work out too well. Marge sends the two on "The Relation Ship" to resolve their issues out at sea. While Homer is away, Marge is put in charge of his fantasy football league.

Full Story

Homer catches Bart watching an R Rated Movie Trailer. Later at the Dinner Table, The two then start to fight when Marge insists that they go on a "Relation Ship" to resolve their issues. On the ship, Captain Bowditch reveals Homer and Bart (along with other dads and sons) are on the ship because their families are put off by their constant bickering and reveals his intent to take them out to sea to teach them the importance of having a strong and healthy relationship. Bart excels at sailing and is promoted to mid-shipman while Homer detests it and gets scurvy. After recovering, he drowns his sorrows in a flask containing beer and Captain Bowditch asks him for a drink. It turns out he is a recovering alcoholic.

Meanwhile, Marge is left to take care of Homer's fantasy football team ("Somewhere over the Dwayne Bowe"). Since Marge knows nothing about football in general, Lisa educates her, and soon the two lead Homer's team to a championship.

A storm is brewing and Captain Bowditch is incapacitated and Bart is the only one who can steer the ship to safety. Homer refuses to accept Bart's new role until he eats a piece of broccoli. After that, Homer begins to have a new found respect for his son, especially when he realizes he has been too harsh on Bart in trying to get him to respect his authority. Homer and Bart are reunited with the rest of the Simpsons.


This episode is Rated TV-MA on most platforms, due to a scene in which Bart and Milhouse are watching a trailer for an R Rated Movie, in which in the middle of it someone is putting up their Middle Finger. This was removed on Disney+, censoring the Middle Finger, and Getting a New Rating: TV-14-DLV.


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