Pay Pal
The Yellow Badge of Cowardge
Clown in the Dumps


  • When Milhouse is getting beaten by Nelson, it is shown that he was allergic to mushrooms when Nelson pins him on them. But when he is then pinned on the flowers his allergy is cured.
  • The pig eating the C4 was similar to Plopper from The Simpsons Movie but had brown hair, rather than blonde.
  • When Jeffery Albertson asks if there would be another Simpsons Movie, everyone (excluding Maggie) runs off the deserted room, leaving the question long avoided to this day.
  • Lisa is narrating throughout the episode, and is only heard, but she does appear in the three legged race.
  • This is Ian Maxtone-Graham's final episode.
  • This is also the last ever new episode to be shown in the UK. Seasons 26 present are only available by live streaming.

Cultural References

  • The episode title is a reference to the novel The Red Badge of Courage.
  • The boat that Grampa flees on is called the Yellow Belly, a reference to the term "Yellow bellied coward".
  • Homer calls Giuseppe "Super Mario". 
  • Lisa's narration and the music playing in the background are references to the 2010 film True Grit
  • There’s a scene with Dr. Hibbert where the M*A*S*H theme plays. 


  • When Kearney pulls down the map of the USSR over the race betting, Norway, Sweden and Finland are incorrectly shown as being as part of the USSR. 
  • After Martin Prince overhears Milhouse’s training secrets and goes to Kearney’s betting board. Boy with shades has grey hair and different coloured clothes.


  • When Lisa mentions that for every multiple choice question Bart guessed "B" for originated from the episode A Test Before Trying when he was completing the test given to him and guessed "B" for almost every question.
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