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The title of this article is conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

―The Yes Guy's catchphrase, whenever someone asks him a question.

The Yes Guy, named Mr. Pettigrew, but normally referred to as "That Annoying Guy Who Always Says "Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es?" or That Jerk That Goes '"Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es?", and sometimes referred to as "The Obnoxious Yes Guy" by Homer, is a resident of Springfield. He is known for bellowing “Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es?!” in a rising inflection, and appears to be highly eccentric in both his speech and appearance.


When Homer asked the Yes Guy why he talked like that, Yes Guy responded with, “I had a stro-o-oke!”.[1] He is often seen working at Costington's department store, and is apparently on good terms with Mr. Costington. When Lisa was put on trial for teaching fellow students about Darwin, Yes Guy was juror number twelve.[2] He also once worked as an ice cream truck driver and gave Bart some free ice cream.[3] Apu considers the Yes Guy to be very, very funny.

The Yes Guy also once worked for the reality show Frame Up, where he pretended to take a phone call from the governor regarding whether a condemned Homer should be reprieved. During the call, he used his catchphrase (and a "No" version of it) several times.[4]

Yes guy

He also appears in The Simpsons: Tapped Out has a character for your Springfield. Jobs you can give him include calling a doctor to investigate his verbal tic, and feeling in shame due to it.

His jobs include being a cop, an employee for Costington's, Springfield Dinner Theater, Barney's Bowlarama, as well as running an Ice Cream Truck.

Behind the Laughter[]

The Yes Guy is a tribute to character actor Frank Nelson, and his familiar persona on The Jack Benny Program (modified for appearances on I Love Lucy, The Flintstones, Sanford and Son, Garfield & Friends, and others). Nelson's trademark greeting was a loud, drawn-out “Yeeeeesss?!” This was often augmented with a sarcastic "OoOOOoooh!" Originally, this character could be found in a variety of occupations, usually as a salesman or waiter, at establishments which Jack Benny or others might be patronizing, and his Simpsonian counterpart is equally omnipresent. He always says "Yeeeeeeeees" that might be his catchphrase.

His color scheme slightly changed a few times during his early appearances. In "Mayored to the Mob" he had gray hair, in "Homer vs. Dignity" he had brown hair, and in "The Lastest Gun in the West" he had darker skin with black hair. His current color scheme of traditional yellow skin with black hair debuted in "The Frying Game".


A Brazilian doppelganger of the Yes Guy can be seen in the episode "Blame It on Lisa," uttering a Portuguese variation of the catchphrase: "Eeh-Si-ii-ii-iiiim"?!