Smart and Smarter
The Ziff Who Came to Dinner
Co-Dependent's Day

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a pun on the film The Man Who Came to Dinner.
  • The educational film Powers of Ten is parodied in the couch gag.
  • The song sung by the rappers in Phineas Q. Butterfat's parodies the 1979 song Rapper's Delight.
  • Artie Ziff's company going bust and cheating its shareholders is reminiscent of Enron and its downfall.
  • The scene where Lisa holds the camera to her face and starts tearfully apologizing before running out of the attic is a parody of a scene in the The Blair Witch Project.
  • The book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is referenced when Lisa tells Artie that Homer believes the chocolate factory is real and searches for it.
  • The pamphlet "What Would Jesus View" (a reference to the saying "what would Jesus do?") is made by Michael Medved, a conservative radio host and movie critic.
  • The patron's "Hello, handsome" greeting to Ziff is similar to the popular children's cartoon series Animaniacs; it similar to one of the show's main characters named after the Warner sibling's famous line, "Hello Nurse!"
  • References in the film The Re-Deadening:
    • The idea of a doll with button eyes is a parody of the book Coraline.
    • The movie is most likely a parody of Dolly Dearest, which is a horror movie about a possessed doll.
    • Village of the Damned, Child's Play, and The Others are also parodied in the plot.
    • The music of The Re-Deadening parodies the music played in "Rosemary's Baby."

Now Playing at Googolplex Theatres

In addition to The Re-Deadening, the movies being shown or advertised at the Googoplex Theatres are as follows:

  • "The Wild Dingleberries Movie," which is a parody of "The Wild Thornberrys Movie."
  • "3 Fast 3 Furious," which is a parody of "2 Fast 2 Furious."
  • "The Fashion of the Christ," which is a parody of "The Passion of the Christ."
  • "A Kiss Before Boring," which is a parody of "A Kiss Before Dying."
  • "Ghost Frat," which is a parody of "Ghost Rat."
  • "From Justin to Kelly 4," which is a fictional sequel to the 2000s flop film "From Justin to Kelly."
  • "Eating Nemo," which is a parody of "Finding Nemo."
  • "Teenage Sex Wager," which is a parody of the 1990s raunchy teen film, "American Pie."
  • "My Big Fat Greek Salad," which is a parody of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."
  • "Freddy vs. Jason vs. The Board of Education," which parodies "Freddy vs. Jason" and the Supreme Court case Brown vs. the Board of Education.
  • "Return to Ape Valley," which parodies "Return to the Planet of the Apes."
  • "A Matrix Christmas" and "You're in the Matrix, Charlie Brown," which parodies "The Matrix" and "Peanuts".
  • "The Unwatchable Hulk," which parodies "The Incredible Hulk."
  • "The Pianist Goes Hawaiian", which parodies "The Pianist" and "Gidget Goes Hawaiian".



  • Artie said his company got taken away, and that would mean that he didn't own the company anymore. The SWAT Team should have known that.
  • While Homer had won 98% of Ziffcorp shares, it was not yet official and therefore legally had no connection to the company.
  • Artie actually had a straight flush (2 through 6 of diamonds), which should have beaten Homer's four of a kind.

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