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The Simpsons Intro Season 1 1990

The original long season 1 intro with Danny Elfman's first arrangement.


The Simpsons Intro Season 2-20 1990-2008

The original long season 2-early season 20 intro with Alf Clausen's arrangement.

The Simpsons Theme Song is one of the most recognizable theme songs in American television history. It debuted in the Season 1 episode "Bart the Genius." The famous 12-note motif originated from the brain of Danny Elfman. Even though he wrote a lot of other television and movie scores, Elfman considers The Simpsons theme song the composition that he will be forever known for.


The New Simpsons intro

The long season 20-present HD opening with Danny Elfman's arrangment.


Creator Matt Groening hired Elfman personally to write the theme song. He gave him a concept of what he wanted as well as a mixtape of songs that he wanted the theme to sound like. Groening put the concept of the song like this, "The trend in TV themes for the previous 15 years had been namby-pamby synthesizer schlock that seemed to whimper, 'We can't offer you much, but please like our pathetic little show.' I wanted a big orchestrated, obnoxious, arrogant theme that promised you the best time of your life." The theme won the National Music Award for "Favorite TV Theme" in 2002, and has won the BMI TV Music Award in 1996, 1998, and 2003. In 1990, the theme was nominated for the Emmy for "Outstanding Achievement in Main Title Theme Music".