Homer's Odyssey
There's No Disgrace Like Home
Bart the General
Marge: I don't want to alarm anyone, but I think there's a little al-key-hol in this punch.

Mr. Burns: [Seeing a son kiss his father on the cheek] Ahh. That's the kind of family unity I like to see. Smithers, get that man's name. I predict big things for him down at the power plant.
Homer: Quick, Bart, give me a kiss.
Bart: Kiss you? But, Dad, I'm your kid!
Homer: Bart, please. Five bucks for a kiss.

Homer: I'm sorry, Marge, but sometimes I think we're the worst family in town.
Marge: Well, maybe we should move to a larger community.

(The Simpsons peer through a dining room window, watching another family happily eating dinner together.)

Homer: Look at that, kids! No fighting, no yelling.
Bart: No belching.
Lisa: That dad has a shirt on!
Marge: Look, napkins!
Bart: These people are obviously freaks.

Homer: [saying grace] You're everywhere, you're omnivorous.

[The Simpsons watch a family converse.]
Boy: Papa, I think I heard some rusting in the bushes!
Grandfather: I did, too. Better get the gun.
[The boy walks into another room.]
Lisa: Where's he going?
Homer: Probably to get the old man his pipe and slippers.
[The grandfather cocks and fires his gun]
The Simpsons: [running away] Aaaagghh!

[The Simpsons approach a house. Bart and Homer are unaware that it's theirs.]
Bart: Whoa, look at this place! What a dump!
Homer: It's worse than you think. [laughs] I just trampled this poor sap's flowerbed.
Marge: Homer, this is our house!
Homer: Augh!

Barney: You got crummy little kids that nobody can control.
Homer: You can't talk that way about my kids...or at least two of them.
Barney: Why? You got two I haven't met?
Homer: Why you! [punches Barney] Here's five you haven't met!

Father: You better shut your big yap!
Mother: No, you shut up!
Father: No, you shut up!
Mother: No, you shut up!
Father: Oh, shut up!
Mother: You shut up!
Father: Shut up!
Mother: Shut up!
Son: Why don't you both shut up?!

Homer: The answer to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle. They're on TV!

[Homer flaunts his $250 to the receptionist]
Bart: If you really wanna impress her, show her the big, empty space where our TV used to be.
Homer: Bart!

Marvin Monroe: Hello, I'm Dr. Marvin Monroe. No doubt you'll recognize me from TV.
Lisa: We would if we had one.
Homer: Lisa!

Marvin: [to Homer] If you had been paying attention, perhaps you would have noticed that your family sees you as a rather stern authority figure, an ogre, if you will.
Marge: Now, doctor, that's not true.
Lisa: Ogre is such a strong word.
Bart: Right on, doc! Another successful diagnosis!
Homer: [preparing to strike Bart with a lamp] That does it!

[After Bart shocks Homer, Homer does so to him, and Bart then shocks Lisa.]
Marge: Bart, how could you shock your little sister?
Bart: My finger slipped. [gets shocked by Lisa]
Lisa: So did mine!
[Bart shocks Lisa again, and she retaliates.]
Marge: Bart, Lisa, stop that! [She electrocutes them both, and the five begin shocking each other as Marvin tries fruitlessly to intervene. Soon, the constant electrocutions cause rolling blackouts all over town.]
Smithers: Boy, someone's really gobbling up the juice, sir.
Mr. Burns: Excellent, excellent! Perhaps this energy conservation fad is as dead as the dodo.

Mr. Burns: This must be, uh, Brat.
Bart: Bart.
Homer: Don't correct the man, Brat.
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