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    It's not really necessary on this wiki to label characters as villains. It's a contentious subject and a lot of times, people go looking for a villain when there really may not be one. Some of them think, "They're the least good person so that makes them the villain" or "They've done bad things so they have to be a villain".

    I'm working on a couple other wikis to move people away from that sort of thinking. Get them to stop the mindset of trying to figure out exactly how much of a good guy or exactly how much of a bad guy the character is. Putting an end to the fights where people say things like "He's 89% of an antagonist", "No, he's 53% of an antagonist", "No, he's 78% of an antagonist", "I've changed my mind, he's now 23% of an antagonist" and so on to the point of absurdity.

    Don't get hung up trying to label characters. Describe what they do and how they interact with others.

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    • Ok. I will describe their villainous acts.

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      • Homer's villainous acts.
      • Homer frequently bullies and takes advantage of his kindhearted neighbor, Ned Flanders. He attempts to humiliate him in Dead Putting Society and wishes for┬áhis business to fail in "when Flanders failed'. When the wish comes true he even takes the opportunity to buy all of his should be noted that Homer did ultimately realize rooting against Ned was was wrong and help fix things.
      • When his father needed a kidney transplant Homer genuinely offered to be the doner but chickened out and left his father to die.
      • Deliberately became obese so he could be sent home with pay.
      • Homer is very cruel to Bart's friend Milhouse who he often makes fun of and calls "that little wiener".
      • Frequently strangles Bart after being angered enough.
      • Tried exploiting his position as a cop's husband when Marge was on the police force to get away with committing crimes.
      • Taking advantage of Lisa to win at gambling.
      • Exaggerating Bart's injuries after Mr.Burns ran him over with his car in order to get a better settlement.
      • Forcing Flanders to leave his own bomb shelter(he regretted it afterwards but also blamed everyone else there).
      • Homer stole everyone 's Christmas presents though that was out of a genuine desire to make people happier rather than out of malice.
      • Briefly took over the mafia and used this to torment Ned.
      • Is revealed to be Homophobic in Homer's phobia However since he overcomes his prejudice and risks his life in order to save his son in the same episode it is arguable how harshly we should judge him for this.
      • Stole a car to help his friend Moe Commit insurance fraud.this is actually a lot less selfish than some of his other schemes as Only Moe would monetarily benefit from it and he doesn't reveal Moe's involvement to the cops Even after he is betrayed and left to rot in prison.
      • He used illegal cable but got rid of it when he realized how much it was affecting Lisa.
      • Pretended to be Krusty to get free meals at restaurants.
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    • What you listed is describing things Homer did for the purpose of labeling him as a villain. Many of those include situations where Homer learned what he had done was wrong and he took steps not to repeat that behavior. A villain would continue doing those things anyway.

      But before this goes any further, I'm going to repeat that you shouldn't get hung up on trying to label Homer as a villain. One of the conditions Matt Groening was told for allowing the characters to be named after his relatives is that Homer can never be mean to Marge. People can be selfish, jerks, uncaring, greedy, angry and more without being a villain.

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