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    I recently made an edit to 734 Evergreen Terrace (the Hibbert house) that involves a change in the address of the building, and thus the name of the artical. But when I tried to rename it it said I didn't have permission and to ask an admin. so, can you help?


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    • I'm not really sure why you wouldn't be able to rename the page yourself. It isn't protected against that.

      But before we go ahead with renaming it, how did you figure out the address was 738 instead of 734? If it's just because it's next door to the Brown House (740), we might need more info than that. Some cities number houses really close together, others spread them apart so a jump from 734 to 740 wouldn't be out of place.

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    • Honestly, It was that,and that the Simpsons are 742, and the Flanders are 744, so I concluded that it would be 738.

      I was also not aware that some cities number homes further apart, I thought they all did it increasing by one with even and oddnumbers on opposite sides of the street.

      Also, I just found out there is already an artical called 738 Evergreen Terrace. That must have been why I couldn't change the name.

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    • Numbering buildings varies from city to city. There's a city I know of that will keep the numbering going in the next block if the cross-street only connects on one side (a T intersection instead of a four-way). So you could have something like houses or businesses on Smith Street going from 502 to 580, but Thomas Street running parallel to Smith having 502 to 538 and then jumping to 602 simply because a cross-street cuts through Thomas and stops at Smith.

      Another example: the geography of the land causes the gap between two numbered streets to get wider as you head West so a named street is inserted in between them.

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