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The War of the Simpsons
Three Men and a Comic Book
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  • Comic Book Guy makes his first appearance in this episode. The Android's Dungeon, Krusty Burger, Radioactive Man (with his finalized design), and Alice Glick all make their first appearance.
  • Episode guest star Daniel Stern, who parodied his renowned voiceover narration role on the 1988-1993 ABC drama The Wonder Years during his guest appearance, is a brother of David M. Stern, who served as a creative consultant for 39 Simpsons episodes, a writer for nine episodes, and a producer for 12 episodes.
  • First discovery of Radioactive Man's freak accident.
  • Otto's idea for a comic book (Busman, a man who drives a bus by day and fights vampires by night) was made into a comic for Simpsons Comics in 1994.
  • Hint to Springfield being located in either Michigan or California: When Bart recycles an empty cola bottle at the Kwik-E-Mart, he says "I need the dime". Michigan and California are the only states that have a 10 cent bottle deposit.
  • The Radioactive Man black and white serial was sponsored by Laramie Tobacco, to which Fallout Boy is told that he is too young to smoke Laramies. Moments after the sketch ends, Buddy Hodges, the actor who plays Fallout Boy, is seen holding a cigarette.
  • Patty and Selma had higher and more feminine voices before they took up smoking. They sounded similar to Sherri and Terri.
  • The convention's emcee telling the attendees not to ask Buddy Hodges about the sordid details of Dirk Richter's final year alive and mysterious death could have referred to the still-disputed death of George Reeves. The bordello remark may have also been a reference to the brutal murder of Bob Crane in 1978, which remains unsolved today. The cast of Hogan's Heroes stated that in public and at fan conventions Crane's death was the biggest subject they had to deal with.
  • The rumpus room is shown for the first time.
  • The license plate on the pink car reads "SIMP".
  • Alice Glick sounds quite similar to Grandma Flanders.


  • Martin's remaining Vulcan ear is green (Vulcan blood is green, but the skin would only be green-tinged). It may have been intended to be a goblin or green elf ear and the Vulcan reference was added later.  
  • The issue of Radioactive Man that took place before Fallout Boy became his ward was actually #3, not #9.
  • When Marge brings milk and cookies to the treehouse, the left and right edges of the white plate repeatedly turn brown like the cookies on the plate.

Cultural References[]

  • The scene at Krusty Burger where Bart considers getting a part-time job is a reference to The Wonder Years. The actor Daniel Stern guest starred as Bart's adult voice (the voiceover narration for the episode), just like he did for the adult voice of Kevin Arnold, the main character of this show.
  • Another reference to The Wonder Years: Milhouse is a caricature of Paul Pfeiffer, a character from this show.
  • The main plot of Bart, Milhouse, and Martin fighting over the comic book and driven to the point of paranoia is based on the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
  • The scene where Milhouse's sleeve is ripping is a reference to Saboteur.
  • When a repeat of this episode aired in 1992, a brief tribute to The Cosby Show aired following the end credits. The Cosby Show ended on April 30, 1992, and the tribute featured Bart and Homer discussing the quality of the show and its importance to Bill Cosby.
  • The episode features references to comic book characters such as Casper the Friendly Ghost and Richie Rich.

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