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"Throw Grampa from the Dane" is the twentieth episode of Season 29.


After receiving an insurance payout, Grampa and his family plan to go to Denmark so that the former can benefit from the country's free healthcare.

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The Simpsons wake up to find that their house has been completely flooded with water. A flashback reveals that the night prior Marge asked Homer to help her readjust the sailboat painting. However, they accidentally knocked a nail through one of the water pipes, thus causing a flood. After receiving an insurance payout of $102 and six months' temporary housing, the Simpsons must vacate their house while the damage is being repaired. After hearing about this, Grampa asks to use the money to fund an important operation, one he does not wish to discuss. After Dr. Nick is proven to be ineffective for this, Lisa brings up Denmark's free healthcare, and Marge suggests that he uses the insurance payout and family vacation time to take a trip to Denmark for Grampa's operation. Although, Homer is reluctant to go at first Grampa tricks him into reluctantly agreeing to go.

Upon arriving in a power-wind district, the family stays at an Airbnb apartment that is space-efficient, to Lisa's glee. The owner proceeds to show them around Copenhagen, visiting places like Amalienborg, Land of Legends and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Marge and Lisa are fascinated by their culture, while Bart and Homer make fun of it. Homer learns that although non-Danish people don't necessarily quality for free healthcare, people who are injured in Denmark are treated for free, while Bart, Lisa and Marge begin to contemplate the idea of moving to Denmark for at least one semester, to which Homer disagrees. The three then storm off, leaving Homer and Grampa scouring through Denmark to try to get Grampa injured, without any success.

At Kronborg Castle, having become accustomed to Danish culture, Marge asks for Homer to think about moving to Denmark. As he finally begins to consider the possibility, he changes his mind at the last minute and tries to push Grampa down the stairs for his free operation. However, as Grampa clings to Homer's leg, he admits he did not really need an operation for something life-threatening, but to remove a heart-shaped tattoo engraved to Mona, as he feels ashamed of living without her. As Homer and Grampa drown their sorrows from Mona's death at a Danish bar, a Danish woman approaches Homer and they proceed to share a dance together.

Following the incident, an understanding but angry Marge confesses to Homer that she is not coming home with him, and neither are the kids, wishing to stay in Denmark indefinitely. At the airport, Homer begins to regret leaving her in Denmark, but Grampa admits he ruined his marriage to Mona similarly with his stubbornness, advising him not to make the same mistakes he did. The two race out of the airport and rush back to the apartment so Homer can make up with Marge. Upon finding her, Homer pledges his love for her and vows to stay in Copenhagen with her. Marge is glad, but admits that she is having second thoughts due to problems with space and arrangement in the apartment and the distracting time-lapse video of the dark skyline in the window. She concedes to Homer that she is ready to go home now. The kids agree to go back as well as Bart doesn't want to take advantage of the good schools and Lisa knows she will be an outcast in moving to Denmark. Before leaving, the family take Grampa to a socialized tattoo parlor, where the tattoo artist refashions his Mona tattoo for free into a lemonade tattoo, giving him a new outlook in life.


This episode received average reviews.

Dennis Perkins of The A.V. Club gave this episode a C+, stating, "Grampa needs some expensive medical treatment, so the family heads off to a foreign country whose very different economic system allows for inexpensive health care for all. Yes, the Simpsons are heading to Cuba! No, wait, that was last season. Okay, well, once there, the family finds that their new surroundings offer a wealth of cultural benefits that seem almost designed to fulfill needs and dreams each member (but one) didn’t even realize they had. Yes, the Simpsons are shipping up to Boston! Dammit, nope—that was season 28 as well. Man, it’s almost like the series is out of ideas, completely."

"Throw Grampa from the Dane" scored a 0.9 rating with a 4 share and was watched by 2.14 million people, making The Simpsons the second most watched show on Fox that evening.


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