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Tiago is a Brazilian samba dance teacher who first appeared in "Blame It on Lisa".


While searching for Ronaldo in Rio de Janeiro, Marge and Lisa go to the Samba School and asked Tiago where he is. Tiago tells them that Ronaldo wasn't there and that the school was working on a dance that "makes sex look like a church". Marge didn't want Lisa hearing stuff like that (because of her age), and as she walked away with Lisa in tow, Tiago calls her a "stupid lady".[1]

When the Simpson family visited Brazil once again because of Homer getting hired as a referee for the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Marge tried to withdraw money on a Portuguese ATM. Tiago, who is behind her, told her to use the English language option on the ATM, but Marge wanted to use the Portuguese language option in order to help her learn the language. Tiago laughs and calls her a "stupid lady" once again.[2]

Tiago recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a limited time character during Act 3 of the Destination Springfield 2017 event as the final prize of the act.