Tintin is a reporter and adventurer whose adventures have been written down in a series of comic books.


Tintin makes an appearance in Paris with his dog Snowy and best friend Captain Haddock. The three of them were in the audience when Princess Penelope was in Paris singing and playing her guitar.[1]

Tintin's comics are sold at Coolsville Comics & Toys. Lisa Simpson was surprised to find them in the store, because she thought that they only existed in high school French classes. She read the comic Tintin in Paris and accidentally tore one of the pages. Lisa felt terrible about damaging the comic and quickly apologized to Milo the store owner, but Milo wasn't angry because he understood that it was an accident.[2]

Bart Simpson is also a fan of Tintin's stories and owns a copy of the comic book The Crab with the Golden Claws. When Bart mocked Belgium during a trip to Ireland, Marge threatened to take away his Tintin books, whereupon Bart clutched a copy of the comic and promised to behave.[3]

Behind the Laughter



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