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"To Cur, with Love" is the eighth episode of Season 24. (originally going to be the first episode of the season).


When a fire at the retirement home forces Grandpa to move home with the Simpsons, Homer throws out his back on moving day and chooses to stay home while recovering. While enjoying his time alone, Homer gets distracted by "VillageVille" - a super-addictive tablet game in which he is able to create his own virtual village, but loses the family dog, Santa's Little Helper. When the family finds the dog, Grampa tells a story of Homer's former dog, Bongo.

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The retirement home is set on fire after one of Professor Frink's new vehicles goes haywire, so Grandpa moves in with the Simpsons (to the family's disappointment). On the day they pick Grandpa up, Homer throws out his back trying to get Grandpa's belongings due to him not wearing his lifting belt. Because of this, Homer stays at the house. Homer then comes across a tablet game called "VillageVille" and starts to play it. While he plays it, he completely forgets and ignores Santa's Little Helper. When the family comes home, Bart notices the disappearance of Santa's Little Helper so he and the rest of the family look for their hound.

When the family locates Santa's Little Helper in the kitchen cupboard, Homer explains that he accidentally got him inside due to being distracted by VillageVille. The family then shows love to the dog but Bart then thinks that Homer dislikes Santa's Little Helper when he doesn't show love and when the hound barks at him viciously. Homer claims to not be a dog person and weeps bitterly when Grandpa mentions Bongo. The rest of the family is not familiar with Bongo and asks Grandpa to tell them. Grandpa then explains that Bongo was Homer's former dog.

Bongo and Homer were incredibly close since Homer was a baby and was with Homer the time when Grandpa was divorced. When Homer went to a display of Mr. Burns' soon to be Nuclear Plant, Bongo bit him after Burns grabbed Homer's shoulder. Homer and Bongo leave and while Abe tried to apologize it only made Burns want to kill Bongo. He sent the local dog catcher to find Bongo, after Chief Wiggum (who was a dog catcher at the time) nearly captured Homer and Bongo. Grandpa chose to give Bongo to his former neighbor Miss Viola, a lesbian woman who moved to the country so she could own as many pets as she wanted and gives Bongo an Itchy and Scratchy Show sweater that was owned by Homer. Grandpa tried to explain to Homer about Bongo staying with Viola permanently without upsetting his son, but it didn't work. When they arrive home, Burns is waiting for them and demands they give him the dog but Grandpa told Mr. Burns that he gave the dog away and Grandpa repays Burns by working for him for one year and took care of his hounds. Sadly Grandpa's relationship with Homer never patched up, and he finishes the story.

Homer comes downstairs tells his version of the story saying Grandpa hated Bongo and sold him to witches (Miss Viola) so he could be friends with rich dogs and kidnap Santa Claus. Homer then realizes that his story doesn't make any sense and reveals that after a few months, he went to rescue Bongo but found out that Bongo not only had a new name (Hendricks) but also he was happier with Miss Viola then with him as the two were playing. Grandpa then gives Homer a Christmas card he received from Miss Viola showing Bongo sleeping with Homer's Itchy and Scratchy Show sweater and realizes that Bongo still loves him. Grandpa and Homer hug, and then the family goes to bed. In the middle of the night, Bart tries to find Santa's Little Helper but sees the hound in Homer's arms sleeping as Homer dreams of himself with Santa's Little Helper, the younger version him with Bongo, Burns with his hounds, Miss Viola and her many pets, and Krusty with his former gorilla.

Before the closing credits, Burns is shown unhappy due to Mitt Romney losing the president election bid. He and Smithers explain to the viewers about the upcoming fiscal cliff. Burns then explains they should change their welcome to immigrants only to be told by Smithers that he is just digging deeper. Burns then says in Spanish, "Marco Rubio es un pañuelo rosa" only to be told by Smithers that he made matters worse as he said "Marco Rubio is a pink handkerchief," and Burns then finishes the public announcement.


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