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To Heir I$ Homer
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To Heir I$ Homer is a comic story featured in Simpsons Comics 14. The comic later got reprinted in Simpsons Comics Simpsorama.


Homer tries to retrieve his father for dinner, but he refuses, so he goes home without him. On the way home, he discovers a tramp, Sam, who is eating a sandwich in the back seat and they start talking. Homer decides to invite him to dinner and the whole family likes him. That night Sam thanks them for the hospitality and says that he has a place to sleep. When he leaves the house $100 fall out of his pocket which is caught by Bart.

In the morning Bart and Lisa are watching The Krusty the Clown Show, which is interrupted for the news, where it's revealed that Samuel T. Duff, founder of Duff has died and the family recognize the picture of him and it's Sam. Homer becomes annoyed that Sam pretended to be tramp when he is actually a billionaire. Bart is surprised that he is a billionaire even though he received $100 from him. The news says that Sam has no heirs, and yesterday changed his testamentary to a man in Springfield, and they show a picture of Homer. Homer realizes after a while that he will inherit everything. The news also was seen by Mr. Burns, who decides to dismiss Homer when he learned that he inherited everything and he says he has an idea.

The next day the Simpson family visit the Duff Brewery. First they go on a tour before Homer goes to meet the stockholders. The only stockholder who is there is Mr. Burns, who owns 49 percent of the company which means that Homer owns the remaining 51 percent. Mr. Burns carries out some tests on Homer that he must succeed in order to get the post and he succeeds the test. Homer has some new ideas for the brewery; they start selling donuts and Homer has ordered robots that will take care of the work after removing an earlier veto by Sam. Mr. Burns asks Smithers to work undercover in the company and he manages to get the former employees to go on strike and get the robots out of service, resulting in nothing being produced in the factory.

Mr. Burns meets Homer and tells him that he proved Homer did not take care of the company after production is halted and he forced Homer to sign over this stocks to Mr. Burns for 300 dollars. Next day Homer is sad because he failed it, just like everything he does but the family tries to cheer him up. However it has been found that Sam is alive, he had just fallen asleep. Mr. Burns realizes that Homer had no right to the company during the week and Mr. Burns' new stocks are worthless. Since Homer was so smart and got $300 from him for free, Mr. Burns decides to re-employ him.


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