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Tom is a man from Springfield who temporarily became Bart's "bigger brother" aka father.


After Bart is furious and fed up with Homer's neglect when he forgot about picking him up from soccer, Bart decided to try to get a new father through the Bigger Brothers non-profit organization and is assigned with Tom. Tom is a F-14 pilot of the U.S. Navy who owns a motorcycle and treated Bart extremely well.

Eventually, Homer finds out about this and gets his own "son" through the organization named Pepi in order to get revenge on Bart. Homer and Tom eventually meet and get into a huge fight. At the end of the fight, Homer bends over a fire hydrant which broke his spine when he took the final blow from Tom. Seeing Tom left without a son and Pepi without a father, Bart makes an obvious conclusion by telling them that Tom should become Pepi's father and Pepi should become Tom's son. They agree, and they walk towards the sunset as Tom officially becomes Pepi's father.

Tom has similar traits to Homer, wearing the same clothes and even shouts "D'oh" in frustration. He is generally the opposite of Homer, being fit and healthy with a full head of platinum blonde hair.

Behind the Laughter

Originally, he was going to be voiced by Tom Cruise, but because the staff couldn't get him to perform the role, Phil Hartman was called in to do the voice.


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