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Tom Hanks is an American actor. He has a minor role in The Simpsons Movie.


While at the movies with her family, Lisa tried to solve who the person behind the silhouette was (with the name "Mot Hanks"), at first she thought that it was easy, as the answer is obviously Tom Hanks. However, it was Otm Shank, a shuffle of "Tom" and "Hanks", respectively. Lisa, puzzled, then asked who Otm Shank is.[1]

Tom starred in a commercial informing viewers of a new Grand Canyon, which could possibly be located where Springfield is. He is also seen during the end credits saying, "If you see me in person, please leave me be."[2]

Tom is among some other guest stars as a photo in Springfield Sardi's.[3]

Behind the Laughter

In the earlier drafts of The Simpsons Movie, Hanks was originally meant to have a bigger role than the one he has in the finished version of the film. In one planned storyline for the movie, film director Steven Spielberg was planning to destroy Springfield in order to shoot another film with Hanks in the lead role. The Spielberg story, however, didn't make it into the final draft of the movie and Hanks' role was relegated to a cameo while Russ Cargill became the main antagonist.



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