The Top Hat Channel is an adult channel that doesn't air in Florida and Utah.


Bart first watched the channel when Homer got an illegal cable hookup. When his father entered the room, Bart furtively changed the channel, which turned to a farm report, claiming that that is what he really wanted to watch. Homer saw through Bart's lie and said that channel is only for adults who love each other. Bart promised he wouldn't watch the channel again, but he later broke his promise and charged kids to come in and watch the channel. When the channel was airing a pornographic film, Milhouse was disgusted while Martin remarked it to be "compelling". Homer came in and the kids who were watching the channel ran off. Bart however broke his promise for watching the channel again, charging his friends to watch it, and Homer punished Bart by confining him to his bedroom. Later, when Marge was in bed with Homer, she was concerned about Bart watching Top Hat Theatre, and was also becoming increasingly concerned that the ill-gotten cable had become an evil presence in their house.  


"Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment"

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