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The Towne Centre Trolley is a narrow-gauge rail vehicle that transports people around the Towne Centre.

The Towne Centre Trolley has not to be mistaken with the Li'l Lisa mini-train which also used to operate at the Towne Centre.


Though it bear a visual ressemblance to the San Francisco cable car system , with red cars and a narrow gauge track ressembling the San Francisco 1,067m gauge track, it actually employs streetcars and lacks the traditionnal cable car slit and onboard "grip" having instead a tramway controller at its fore.


The cars are single-ended cars mounted on two bogies carrying "Towne Centre At Springfielde Glenne" on its sides.

As a single-ended car, its only posseses one controller at its fore and thus must need a ballon loop at the line end.




Towne Centre at Springfield Glenne
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