Tracey Ullman (born December 30, 1959) is a British-born comedian, actress, singer, dancer, screenwriter, and author, best known for being the host of her eponymous variety television show from 1987 until 1990. The Tracey Ullman Show was the series that the Simpsons shorts appeared on before spinning off into The Simpsons.

Ullman guest-starred in "Bart's Dog Gets an F" as Sylvia Winfield and Emily Winthrop.

Early life

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Ullman was born on December 30, 1959.


Ullman filed a lawsuit in 1992, claiming that her show was the source of The Simpsons success, and therefore, should receive a share of the show's profit. "I breast-fed those little devils," Tracey Ullman once said of The Simpsons. She wanted a share of The Simpsons merchandising and gross profits and believed she was entitled to $2.5 million of Fox's estimated $50 million in 1992. The Fox network had paid her $58,000 in royalties for The Simpsons as well as $3 million for the 3½ seasons her show was on the air. Eventually the courts ruled in favor of the network.

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