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Trash of the Titans
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"I never apologize, Lisa. I'm sorry but that's just the way I am."
Homer Simpson

"Trash of the Titans" is the twenty-second episode of Season 9 and also the 200th broadcast episode overall.


Homer's antics gets the family's garbage collection cut off, and Marge writes an apology to the garbagemen on Homer's behalf. Incensed that Marge would do something like this, Homer takes on sanitation commissioner Ray Patterson in an upcoming election and wins his seat with a campaign that promises more than it can deliver.

Full Story[]

Trash of the Titans (Promo Picture) 4

Homer as Sanitation Commissioner

The executives of Costington's department store invent a new holiday to improve summer sales called "Love Day", a holiday combining the colorful heartful theme of Valentine's Day with the commercial gift buying of Christmas. After the Simpsons celebrate Love Day, the trash starts to pile up but the family refuse to take it out until the trash spills, which Homer makes it do. When Homer is forced to take out the trash, the garbage truck passes the house. Homer insults the garbage men for not stopping for him and, because of his refusal to apologize, the Simpsons' trash service is cut off. Garbage begins to pile up in the Simpsons' front yard which several neighbors complain about and even leaving the house for the kids is hazardous. When the school has informed Marge that Bart was sick, she and Lisa insist that Homer apologizes but he refuses, even saying that the trash men will eventually come crawling to take it away. Then one day Homer wakes up to find all the garbage gone. Homer thinks that he won and boasts about it until he learns from an irritated Marge that the trash is gone because she took matters into her own hands and wrote an apology letter to the sanitation commissioner, forging Homer's name. Homer is furious saying that he lost his dignity because of that. He then goes to see the sanitation commissioner, Ray Patterson (voiced by Steve Martin) to get his apology letter back. Ray politely gives the letter back but Homer won't stand for it and after a brief, pointless argument, Homer chooses to run for sanitation commissioner himself to spite Patterson.


"The Garbage Men Can"

Homer's campaign doesn’t gets off the ground. Offering some advice, Moe suggests Homer offer the new slogan "Can't Someone Else Do It?" Homer than tries to get the voters' attention by interrupting a U2 concert, unsurprisingly this does not work as he is beaten by the bodyguards and the event is shown on the Jumbotron during one of the songs. At the debate, Homer is the only one there and jokes that Ray was too busy drinking to join them. Seconds later Ray shows up and says that he is late because somebody (Homer) tampered with his breaks. Homer convinces the town that by voting for him they would get services such as round-the-clock trash pickup and emergency cleanup service. Ray thinks that is ridiculous, but Homer makes fun of Ray and wins the audience over. As a closing statement Ray says that if they want someone with experience, they'll vote for him, but if they want crazy ideas, they'll vote for Homer, the audience thinks for a while. In the end, Homer wins the election by a landslide and gets straight to work implementing his new ideas. After only a month in office, however, his department goes bankrupt due to the expenses of his "crazy promises". In order to pay his garbage men, Homer allows other cities across the country to dump their garbage under Springfield in old mines for a price. The trash quickly begins to pile up and unearth itself, flooding garbage all over Springfield. At a town hall meeting, Homer is horsewhipped and removed from his position. The town tries to get Ray Patterson back but he instead, amused, leaves the town in its mess after essentially saying "I told you so." Without any other option, Mayor Quimby moves the town five miles down the road, truck-lifting all the houses and buildings, leaving behind the old Springfield area, which is now completely covered in garbage and a crying Native American man whose brother tells him not to look back at the landfill that was once Springfield.

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