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Created By

Bat Groening

Developed By

James Hell Brooks
Matt "Merchandising" Groening
Somewhat Shocking Sam Simon

Co-Executive Producers

Awful Al Jean
Mirthless Mike Reiss

Supervising Producers

Jay Karnage Kogen
Weasally Wally Wolodarsky
Ghastly George Meyer


Vicious Jack Vitti
Scary John Swartzwelder
Jittery Jeff Martin
Creepy Conan O'Brien
Unfriendly Frank Mula

Produced by

Really Unruly Richard Raynis
Demonic David Silverman
Rambling Richard Sakai

Written by

Attrocious Al Jean & Morbid Mike Reiss
Johnny Katastrophe Kogen & Warped Wally Wolodarsky
Scarifying Sam Simon
Vicious Jack Vitti

Directed by

Bloodcurdling Carlos Baeza

Executive Producers

James Hell Brooks
Mummified Matt Groening
Sortirious Sam Simon


Decaying Dan Castellaneta
Julie Kadaver Kavner
Nocturnal Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Psycho Smith
Scare Ya' Hank Azaria
Fearsome Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voice

Macabre Marcia Wallace

Also Starring

Rabid Russi Taylor

Animation Executive Producer

Phearless Phil Roman

Animation Producers

Bilious Bill Schultz
Malcontent Michael Wolf

Executive Consultant

Bloody Bradley Bird

Story Editors

Objectionable Bill Oakley &
Weird Josh Weinstein
Disagreeable Dan McGrath

'Creative Consultant

David Bloody Knuckles Stern

Associate Producers

J. Melon-Crusher Mendel
Butcher Joe Boucher

Theme By

Red Wolf Elfman

Music By

Sheer Terror Clausen

Casting By

Bludgeoning Bonita Pietila


Murderous Mark McJimsey
Deadly Don Barrozo

Animation Production Manager

Killer Ken Tsumura

Post Production Supervisors

Colin "Kafka" Lewis
Jeff "Bottomless Pit" Goldstein

Overseas Animation Directors

Mike The Maggot Girard
N.J. Karniverous Kim

Executive in Charge of Production for Gracie Films

Still Miserly Mike Schoenbrun

Creative Consultant

Matt "El Monstro" Groening

Creative Supervisor

"Supervisin' Sam" Simon

Executive Creative Consultant

James Hell Brooks

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