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Devil Flanders: Now remember, the instant you finish it, I own your soul for--
(Homer has already scarfed all but a small crumb of the donut)
Homer: Hey, wait. If I don't finish this last bite, you don't get my soul, do you?
Devil Flanders: Uh, technically no, but--
Homer: (singing) I'm smarter than the Devil. I'm smarter than the Dev--
(Flanders turns into a huge demon)
Devil Flanders: YOU ARE NOT SMARTER THAN ME! (Homer gulps) I'll see you in Hell yet, Homer Simpson!

Blue Demon: (perplexed that his attempt to crack Homer failed) I don't understand it, James Coco went mad in fifteen minutes

(Devil Flanders curses Homer by turning his head into a donut.)
Marge: Homer, stop picking at it!
Homer: Oh, but I'm so sweet and tasty! Well, time to go to work.
Lisa: Dad, I wouldn't go outside if I were you.
Chief Wiggum: (Outside house, sipping coffee) Don't worry, boys. He's got to come out of there sometime.

Homer: Oh, I'd sell my soul for a donut.
(Flanders appears as the devil.)
Devil Flanders: Well (chuckles) that can be arranged.
Homer: Flanders?! You're the devil?!
Devil Flanders: (Chuckles) It's always the one you least expect.

Devil Flanders: I give you the Jury of the Damned. Benedict Arnold. Lizzy Borden. Richard Nixon.
Nixon: But I'm not dead yet! In fact, I just wrote an article for Redbook.
Devil Flanders: Listen, I did a favor for you!
Nixon: (subdued) Yes master.
Devil Flanders: John Wilkes Booth. Blackbeard the Pirate. John Dillinger. And the starting line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.

Marge: Lisa, stop being so suspicious. Did everyone wash their necks like Mr. Burns asked?
Bart & Lisa: Yes.
Homer: (Holding out a pitch black towel) Sure did!

Bart: Otto! There's a gremlin on the side of the bus!
(Otto looks out his side window and sees Hans Moleman driving.)
Otto: Don't worry, Bart dude. I'll get rid of him.
(Otto slams into the car.)
Hans Moleman: Oh, I just made my final payment.
(Moleman's car almost crashes into a tree, but then explodes.)

Bart: I just had a vision of my own horrible fiery death.
Lisa: And…?

Grampa: Quick! We have to kill the boy!
Marge: How did you know he's a vampire?
Grampa: He's a vampire? (runs off screaming)

(Homer squeezes bull horn in Bart's ear)
Bart: (screams)
Homer: Hey Marge, I found all this stuff at the dock. It was just sitting in some guy's boat.

Homer: Bart! How many times have I told you before not to bite your sister? Hey, wait a minute! You are a vampire!

Homer: It sure was nice of Mr. Burns to invite us for a midnight dinner at his country house in...Pennsylvania!

(Homer is being sucked into Hell)
Marge: Homer, did you eat that donut?!
Homer: No.

Blackbeard: (looking at Homer and Marge's wedding picture) Arrgh! This be some sort of treasure map!
Benedict Arnold: Give me that, you idiot! You can't read!

Vampire Burns: (On the intercom) Welcome, come in. (whispered) Ah, fresh victims for my ever-growing army of the undead!
Smithers: Sir, you have to let go of the button.
Vampire Burns: Oh son of a bi--(The doors to the manor open)

Lisa: Dad, do you notice anything strange?
Homer: Yeah, his hairdo looks so queer.
Vampire Burns: I heard that!
Homer: It was the boy!

Vampire Grampa: This cape is giving me a rash.

Groundskeeper Willie: My mule wouldn't walk in the mud. (starts to get teary) So I had to put seventeen bullets in him.

Lionel Hutz: I watched Matlock in a bar the other night. The sound wasn't on, but I think I got the gist of it.

Blackbeard: This chair be high, says I.

Homer: Lisa, vampires are make-believe like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos.

Principal Skinner: Pull, Willie, pull!
Groundskeeper Willie: I'm doin' all of the pullin', you blouse-wearin' poodle-walker!

Homer: Ooh! Super Fun Happy Slide!
Lisa: No, Dad!
Homer: Ohh…I guess killing will be fun enough.

Vampire Bart: (Floating outside Lisa's window with a few other kids he's bitten) Come join us Lisa, it's so cool. You get to stay up all night drinking blood!
Vampire Milhouse: And if you say you're a vampire, you get a free small soda at the movies.

(Bart laughs as he transforms into a bat and flies out the window as the family watches him go)
Marge: Homer, we gotta do something. Today, he's drinking people's blood. Tomorrow, he could be smoking!

(Bart is captured by the vampires. A female vampire presents him to Burns who flies in as a bat then morphs to his human form)
Vampire Burns: Well if isn't little...um...boy. Eh, yeah.

Lisa: (Rushing back to the dining room) Mom! Dad! Mr. Burns is a vampire! And he has Bart!
Vampire Burns: (Appears with blood visible on his fangs) Why Bart is right here.
Bart: (Pale-skinned, bite marks on his neck, droning) Hello mother, hello father. I missed you during my uneventful absence.

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