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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror series.

Homer Simpson, you're under arrest for the murder of Moe Syzslak and Apu Nahasa...pasa... er... Moe. Just Moe just Moe yeah Moe.
Chief Wiggum[src]

"Treehouse of Horror IX", also known as "The Simpsons Halloween Special IX" is the fourth episode of Season 10, as well as the ninth Halloween episode. It was originally going to be the first episode of that season.


Opening - A Halloween-themed opening sequence (short).

Hell Toupée - Homer receives a hair transplant from executed criminal Snake which possesses him and makes him go on a murder spree.

The Terror of Tiny Toon - A plutonium-powered TV remote zaps Bart and Lisa into a violent Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.

Starship Poopers - A segment that reveals that Maggie's real father is Kang, which leads to a custody dispute and an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show.

The episode features several celebrity guest voices: Robert Englund voices Freddy Krueger in the opening sequence, and Ed McMahon and Jerry Springer appear as themselves in "Hell Toupée" and "Starship Poopers," respectively. Also, Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford appear as themselves in a live-action scene during "The Terror of Tiny Toon".

Full Story

Opening Sequence

The alternate Opening Sequence.

The logo (and chalkboard gag) for this episode.

(Being a Alternate Halloween version of the normal Simpsons Opening) At the beginning, the yellow text "THE SIMPSONS" zooms through stormy clouds. The opening goes on as usual, except that Bart paints "The Simpsons Halloween Special IX" on the blackboard with red paint, and in the driveway, he falls off Homer's car while on his skateboard, breaking his neck and dying in the middle of the driveway. Lisa crashes into Bart's battered body, flying through the air and getting her head stuck in the wall above the garage door and dies. Homer gets out of his car, sees Marge's car coming, and screams as usual. However, Homer isn't quick enough to get out of Marge's way, so she crashes into Homer, killing him. Marge and Maggie are also killed when the car hits the wall. In the living room, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees are sitting on the couch. Freddy Krueger asks Jason Voorhees where the Simpsons are, and Jason Voorhees responds, "Ah, what are you gonna do?" (despite the fact that he normally never talks), and turns on the TV.

Hell Toupée

Hell Toupée title card.

In a parody of the 1989 horror film, Shocker and the Amazing Stories episode, Hell Toupee, Snake is arrested for smoking inside the Kwik-E-Mart. He is buying a comb and uses nacho cheese as hair gel, before lighting up a cigarette in a no-smoking area. He is instantly arrested by Chief Wiggum. Snake fully admits he broke the no-smoking law and will pay the fine, only for Wiggum to say that after burning down an orphanage and blowing up a bus full of nuns (with Snake protesting the last instance had been "totally self-defense") where this is Snake's third strike, so he will be executed in accordance with the three strikes law. Before hauling Snake away, Chief Wiggum helpfully points out that Apu, Moe and Bart are all witnesses to Snake's infraction; Snake threatens to kill all of them. Snake is executed in the electric chair on World's Deadliest Executions, hosted by Ed McMahon and proudly broadcast on Fox. Chief Wiggum then sends the body to the hospital to be carved up for organ donations.

Homer with Snake's Hair.

Shortly afterwards, Homer visits Dr. Nick Riviera, who gives him a transplant of a full head of still-smoldering hair. The hair is Snake's, and when Homer goes to sleep the following night, it plants its roots in Homer's brain. With the hair controlling his mind, Homer murders Apu by stuffing him in his own Squishee machine, although not before explicitly referencing Apu's role in Snake being executed. Homer later removes Moe's heart with a corkscrew and leaves him slumped facefirst in a bowl of Penicill-Os cereal. Bart realizes that the other two witnesses have been killed, but is shocked when his own father comes after him, although after "Homer" refers to Bart as "snitchy", Bart then realizes that it wasn't actually his dad who was trying to kill him, but rather Snake who was controlling Homer. He begs Homer to fight the hair and, after a struggle, Homer rips the hair off his head. The hair tries to smother Bart and then, as Wiggum bursts through the door with Eddie and Lou in order to arrest Homer for his two prior murders (eventually just settling for arresting him for Moe's murder due to Chief Wiggum not being able to pronounce Apu's name), jumps toward the window when Homer fingers the hair as the true culprit instead of him. Wiggum opens fire and the hair is riddled with bullets and is thus used as a blanket by Maggie, and he finishes the story remarking, "Now that's what I call a bad hair day!"

The Terror of Tiny Toon

The Terror of Tiny Toon title card.

In a parody of Stay Tuned, Marge forbids Bart and Lisa from watching the Itchy and Scratchy Halloween special, taking the batteries out of the remote control and putting them in her purse. They refuse to go trick-or-treating with Marge as Homer is dressed as a hobo and Maggie is dressed as a pirate. But when Marge goes, Bart finds a small piece of highly unstable plutonium in Homer's toolbox and hammers it into the remote's battery slot. When they use the remote, the kids actually enter the world of Itchy and Scratchy. They watch Itchy decapitate Scratchy when he trick or treats at his house and use his head in the manner of a Jack-o-lantern.

While the two laugh, Scratchy's head asks why Bart and Lisa are laughing to which Itchy replies that they are laughing at his misfortune. Scratchy re-attaches his head to his body, declares what the duo did was very mean, and forms a partnership with Itchy to "teach them a lesson they will never forget", and begin to attack Bart and Lisa. But as they try to escape, the hated character Poochie passes by, but he is run down by their car. They escape from the car, and the cat and mouse wind up on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee when Itchy and Scratchy fell in an pot of soup because Homer changed the channel. Bart and Lisa return to Itchy and Scratchy's house when he changes the channel back. Lisa urges Homer to press the "exit" button, which gets her and Bart (whose body was devoured from the neck down by piranhas, leaving only his skeleton) out of the television. She presses the "rewind" button on the remote to restore Bart's flesh. Itchy and Scratchy smash through the screen, however, they emerge the same size as their real animal equivalents, and they are therefore harmless. The family decides to keep Itchy and Scratchy as pets, with Homer even putting Itchy in a hamster terrarium (and Itchy quickly starts running on the hamster wheel). Scratchy and Snowball end up falling in love, which Marge finds sweet, but then tells Scratchy that this means that he has to get neutered, which causes him to scream "No" while covering his crotch.

Starship Poopers

Starship Poopers title card.

Marge discovers Maggie's first baby tooth, which appears to be a sharp fang. Maggie later loses her "baby legs" and grows green tentacles. Marge decides to take her to Dr. Hibbert, who prescribes "Fire, and lots of it!" after Maggie crunches his equipment with her fang. At home, Maggie loses her arms too, and it is found that she can contact somebody by sucking extra-rapidly on her pacifier, which appears to be the alien duo, Kang and Kodos. They arrive at the Simpson house, coming to retrieve Maggie. Kang claims that Maggie is his daughter, and then Marge reveals that Kang is Maggie's biological father and retells the story: Kang and Kodos abducted her while she was doing laundry, selecting Marge for a cross-breeding program. She says the aliens used mind-control techniques on her (Kang simply pointed and said "Look behind you!" before zapping her with an insemination ray). She recalls that nine months after the abduction, Maggie was born. Kang and Kodos demand that the Simpsons give Maggie to them and a struggle ensues. Both Homer, Marge, and aliens start to fight over Maggie until Bart (who is angered by this) stops them and suggests that there can be only one way to solve the problem: let the Simpsons appear on The Jerry Springer Show, with Homer and Kang fighting it out. Then when they appear to discuss things, Kang uses his ray gun to vaporize an annoying audience for criticizing him. During Jerry's "final thought", Maggie attacks Jerry and kills him while Homer and Kang resume fighting.

"Very well, I'll drive." - Maggie, in Kang's voice.

Jerry, Homer and Kang swear a lot in the process with Marge swearing once to express the humiliation of it all. Kang and Kodos now threaten to kill every American politician unless the Simpsons give Maggie to them. Marge and the others slyly imply that the aliens couldn't possibly kill every politician, and as they fly off to do so, Bart reminds them not to forget Ken Starr. Just when they are about to take off, Maggie takes out her pacifier and tells everyone with Kang's voice "Very well. I'll drive! (laughs maniacally) I need blood!".

Behind the Laughter


  • This episode was nominated for the 1999 Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore).
  • The original version of "Hell Toupee" was supposed to have Troy McClure host Snake's execution, but since the voice of Troy McClure (Phil Hartman) unfortunately died, the entire sequence was redone with Ed McMahon as the host, with McClure's usual introduction reworked for McMahon ("Hi, I'm Ed McMahon. Tonight on Fox, from the producers of 'When Skirts Fall Off', and 'Secrets of National Security Revealed'..."). The Troy McClure version was recorded, but remained unvoiced as Hartman died before recording, and it has never been aired nor released in any official Simpsons media.
  • This episode was the first episode opening to feature Homer actually being hit by Marge's car. The updated opening starting with Season 20 began showing Homer being struck by Marge's car (although obviously without him getting killed).


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