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  • The Three Strikes Law that served as the reason for Snake's execution was later used in The Simpsons: Hit and Run for the mission "Slithery Sleuthing" in Level 3. Unlike in this episode, Snake did not end up executed, with it instead being implied in Level 5 that Snake was instead sentenced for an unknown duration of community service as a result.
  • Originally, the televised execution of Snake was supposed to be hosted by Troy McClure (with McClure voiced by Phil Hartman). When news hit that Hartman was murdered by his wife, Brynn, the original scene was replaced with one where Ed MacMahon (who voiced himself) is the host.
  • This is one of the few episodes where someone else tries to kill Bart instead of Sideshow Bob (in this case Snake, Itchy and Scratchy)
  • Moe's the only one of Homer/Snake's murder victims (or in the case of Bart, near-victim) who doesn't deduce that Snake is controlling Homer's actions from beyond the grave (presumably because, unlike with Apu or Bart [with his explicitly blaming him for being sent to the Electric Chair, and referring to him as "snitchy", respectively], he does not make any comments that point to his true identity beforehand).
  • This is the eighth Treehouse of Horror to have the cast's names changed due to Halloween e.g. Bat Groening. The first seven being Treehouse of Horror II, Treehouse of Horror III, Treehouse of Horror IV, Treehouse of Horror V, Treehouse of Horror VI, Treehouse of Horror VII and Treehouse of Horror VIII.
  • When Homer played "This Little Piggy" with Maggie, it is similar to a scene in the Ullman Short entitled "Maggie's Brain", where Bart plays "This Little Piggy" with Maggie also.
  • When Maggie's pacifier transmits the signal to outer space, the signal appears to be coming from the Texas-Louisiana border, near the Lake Charles, LA area, when the initial Earth shot is shown.
  • The "Starship Poopers" segment was the last episode of the series written by David S. Cohen until the Season 32 episode "Podcast News".
  • During the Jerry Springer portion of "Starship Poopers", Kang briefly lifts the chairs with his tentacles and attempts to use them as weapons against Homer. In actual episodes of Jerry Springer, the chairs were deliberately made oversized specifically to deter the guests from using the chairs as weapons during the show's infamous on-stage fights.

The purple-pink garage door


  • In the intro, the garage door is purple-pink instead of its usual peach-tan color.

Barney without chest hair and Ms. Hoover's glasses colored yellow where her face isn't

  • When Marge and Maggie honk their horn to tell Homer to move out the way Maggie body is left out in the scene.
  • When Barney calls dibs on Snake's liver, he is missing the hair from his chest.
  • At the beginning of the same shot, the lenses of Ms. Hoover's glasses are colored yellow even in the area where they overlap the background, not her face.
  • When Homer leaves the bedroom in the middle of the night, his hair is darker than usual, presumably because of the lighting. But a few moments earlier his hair was colored its usual color despite the lighting being the same.

Lou with a blue tie

  • As Lou points to the dead Apu, his tie turns blue for a frame.

Marge without eyelashes

  • When Homer enters Moe's to kill Moe, Moe's chest lacks chest hair initially but then the chest hair appears in the next shot.
  • In the Jerry Springer scene where Homer attacks Kang while swearing at him, Maggie is briefly seen without eyes.

Maggie without eyes

  • In another shot in the sequence, Marge briefly lacks eyelashes.

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