Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner?
Treehouse of Horror X
Xena: Must… remove… my...breast plate!
(The nerds all take out their cameras)

Homer: I'm caught on something!
(the camera pans to reveal that Marge is tugging on his jacket)
Marge: I don't want you looting.
Homer: But I was going to loot you a present.
Marge: (touched) Oh, all right.
Homer: (giggles and runs off)

Guy: Name, please!
Homer: Certainly. I'm ... the piano genius from the... movie Shine!
Guy: Uh huh, and your name is?
Homer: Uhh, Shiny McShine?

Homer: Hello?
Mysterious Voice: I know you're alone!
Homer: Uh... who is this?
Mysterious Voice: Is this... Maude Flanders?
Homer: No it's Homer...
Moe: Oh! Hey Homer, it's Moe! I must have dialed the wrong number.

Homer: Hey, Maude! Look, who's helping me clean the chimney! (a vulture flies down and begins picking at Ned's arm, Homer shoos it away)
Maude: Neddy? (happily) Where have you been?
Homer: (tries to impersonate Ned Flanders, waves his arm) Hi, Maude! (pause) Diddily! I've been having fun with my pal Homer! (pause) Diddily!
Maude: Oh, I'm so relieved. Whenever you go on one of your late-night fog walks, I get so worried.
Homer: (as Ned) Relax, I'm fine! But when I do die, I don't want any autopsies!
Maude: Well, come on down, you goofy-roofie!
Homer: (as Ned) Wow, it sure is slippery up here!
(oven dings in Flanders house)
Maude: My pies are done! (goes inside)
(Homer throws out Ned's corpse from the roof)

Dick Clark: And that was Whitesnake playing.
Rocker: We're Poison.
Rocker #2: I thought we were Quiet Riot.
Drummer: It says that we're Ratt.

Lisa: Look at the wonders of modern technology now.
Homer: Wonders, Lisa or blunders?
Lisa: I think that was implied by what I just said.
Homer: Implied or implode?
Lisa: Mom, make him stop!

Rick James: (singing) Superfreak, superfreak, I'm superfreakin', Yowwwww! (Two cops come to arrest him) Aww, man, what I'd do now?

Marge: Homer, did you remember the fog lights?
Homer (singing): Guess I forgot to put the fog lights in!

Homer: Okay, Marge, you hide in the abandoned amusement park. Lisa, the pet cemetery. Bart, spooky roller disco and I'll go skinny dipping in that lake where the sexy teens were killed 100 years ago tonight.

(Krusty is unconscious on the street)
Bart: Krusty!!! (Spots a letter on Krusty's body) Hey, a note! (reads it) You have been selected for operation exodus.
Lisa: They're evacuating the Earth! We're saved!
Homer: Thank you sweet clown! In death you saved us all!
Krusty: I'm not dead!
Homer: I can still hear his voice on the wind.

Guard: (To Lisa) Welcome aboard. Now, before you enter, you're going to make a very difficult choice. You're only allowed to take one parent with yo-
Lisa: Mom.

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