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Treehouse of Horror XI
A Tale of Two Springfields
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Treehouse of Horror XI
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Opening Credits

Created By

Rat Groening

Developed By

Maims Hell Brooks

Bat Groin Injury

Sam "Sayonara" Simon

Co-Executive Producers

Ian Maxtone-Boo!

Earth vs. Ron Hauge

Dan Greaney

Frank-Enstein Drac-Mula

Grave Robbing LaZebnik

Supervising Producers

Ghoulie Hacker

Larina Jean Adamson


Larrrrrry Doyyyyyyyle

Tomb Martin

Scare-Olyn O'Meanie


Don of the Dead Payne


Mike "How Murray Saved Christmas" Reiss

Terrifying Tim Long

Tom Ghoul Mill

Axe Pross

Decadent David Mirkin


Triple Admiral John Swartzwelder

Supervising Director

Chimp Reardon

Produced by

Richard Grrrrraynis

Kyle Bayles

Denise La Sorcere'

Richard Sunshine Sakai

Directed by

Matt "Groening" Nastuk

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad

Written by

Rob LaZebnik

Scary Tales Can Come True

Written by

John Frink &

Don Payne

Night of the Dolphin

Written by

Carolyn Omine

Closing Credits

Executive Producers

Mike "Insert Scary Name Here" Scully

George Meyer

Alimony Jean

Executive Producers

Maims Hell Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam "Sayonara" Simon


Dan Blackulaneta

Ghoulie Kavner

Nancy Bartfright

Eleanor Roosevelt

Ernie Boo-Nick


Harry "I Want to Own Every Media in the World" Shearer

Also Starring

Terroress MacNeille

The Dwarf from "Don't Look Now"

Animation Producers

"Murderous" Mike Wolf

Laurie Boo-Nacki

Animation Executive Producers

John "The Mole" Hyde

John F. "Vampire" Vein

John "Boogey Man" Bush

Associate Producers

Domi "Blackula" Bro

Felicia "Le Freak" Nalivansky

Theme by

Danny Elfbones

Music Decomposed by

Sheer Terror Claws-Son

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Music by

John W. Bratton


Hummed by

Tress MacNeille

Casting by

Bonita Pietila: Re-Released in DVD, This Time with Even More Scary Parts


Britt Bridge

Devilish Don Barrozo

Lycanthropic Lee Hartin

Animation Production Manager for Gracie Films

Richard K. Chung

Post Production Supervisor

Duke Diggler

Post Production Coordinator

Hacking Kauf

Dialogue Sound Editors

Bobby "The Scary Mook" Mackston

Terry Hallo-Greene

Norman "Bates" MacLeod

Music Masscare

Made Less Rich

Blob Creature

Sound Effects Editor

Travis "The Alien Animal Breeder" Powers

Re-Recording Mixers

Russell "The Muscle" Smith

Bill Frankenfreesh

Production Mixer

Ron Cox

Sound Recordists

Terry Brown

John Gary Gorman

Music Mixer

Rick Riccio

Script Supervisor

Louise Jaffe

Post Production Audio Facility

Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility


Presented in

Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks

Brendan Murphy

Assistant to Mr. Groening

N. Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Scully

Debra Stolpp

Assistants to the Producers

Jacqueline Atkins

Michael Nobori

Claudia Hitchcock

Drew Arrison

Ellen Barnett-Bendavid

Drew Levin

Post Production Assistants

Jamie Nachenberg

Andrew Albenze

Animation Produced by

Film Roman, Inc.

Overseas Production by

Rough Draft Studios

Chang, Myung Nam

Overseas Animation Director

Utit Choomuang

Assistant Director

Ethan Spaulding

Animation Timer

David Bastian

Additional Timing

Lindsey Pollard

Hunilla Fodor

Storyboard Artists

Orlando Baeza

Brad Ableson

Glen Wuthrich

Storyboard Consultant

Mike B. Anderson

Background Design Supervisor

Lance Wilder

Background Design

Chris Bolden

Background Clean-Up

Tria Ellison

Character Design Supervisor

Joe Wack

Character Design

Kevin Moore

Kevin M. Newman

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Prop Design

Jefferson R. Weekley

Andrew Burrell

Color Design Supervisor

Karen Bauer-Riggs

Color Design Lead

Amy Klees-Rychlick

Color Design

Syd Kato

Anne Balser


Belle Norman

Character Layout Supervisor

Tom Woodall

Character Layout Artists

Jordan Young

David Lauterbach

Brian Iles

Raymond Persi

Kenji Ono

Norm Auble

Arthur Ebuen

John Pearson

Edwin Aguilar

Oscar Cervantes

Rob Oliver

Tim Bailey

Background Layout Supervisor

Jennifer Bogartz

Background Layout Artist

Gerald Rey

Retake Director

Carlton Batten

Assistant Retake Director

Stephen Reis

Animation Checkers

William Bemiller

Esther Lee

Animation Camera

Reid Kramer

Eric Loudon

Lip Sync

Kent Holaday

Track Reader

Glenwood Editorial

Animation Production Manager

Jason Bikowski

Animation Production Supervisor

Elizabeth Hernandez

Animation Production Coordinator

Darrell Kennedy

Animation Production Associate

Jennifer M. Alvarez

Animation Production Assistants

Laura Gaimaro

Helio Salvatierra

Animation Production Accountant

Sandra Contreras

Animation Post Production Supervisor

Rick Polizzi

Animation Post Production Coordinator

Michael Mahan

Assistant Film Editor

Kurtis Kunsak

Negative Cutter

D & A Film Cutting

Tim Heyen


Level 3, Larry Field

The persons in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.




Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws. This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and the other countries. Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The Simpsons and the Simpsons characters, ™ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. N.A.B.

Creative Consultant

Bat Groening

Executive Creative Consultant

Maims Hell Brooks

Gracie Films




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