Moe Baby Blues
Treehouse of Horror XIV
My Mother the Carjacker
Treehouse of Horror XIII
Treehouse of Horror XIV
Treehouse of Horror XV

Opening Credits

Created by

Bat Groening

Developed by

James "Just One Hug" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam "Sayonara" Simon

Co-Executive Producer

Ian Ax-Throwin' Graham

Co-Executive Producer

Matt Skeleton

Co-Executive Producer

The Clairevoyant Dan Greaney

Co-Executive Producer

Carolyn "Embryo Host" Omine

Co-Executive Producer

Grim Long

Co-Executive Producers

Incredible Frinking Man

Decapitatin' Don Payne

Co-Executive Producer

Dana Ghouled

Co-Executive Producer

Kevin Splatrick Curran

Supervising Producer

Lozena Normson

Supervising Producer

The Evil That is Brian Kelley

Supervising Producer

Here Lies J. Stewart Burns

Supervising Producer

Psycho Price


Gouge Eyer


Run, Hauge!


Tomb Gammill

Axe Pross


Everybody Loves Mike Scully


Decadent Dave Mirkin


Abbot & Costello Meet Mike Reiss


Marc "O.J." Wilmore


Joel "Halloween Apples" Cohen


Triple Admiral John Swatrzwelder

Supervising Director

Jim Rear Window

Produced by

Richard "Three Skull & Crossbones" Raynis

Produced by

Big Bad Voodoo Bonnie

Produced by

Denise, Empress of Planet Sirkot

Produced by

Richard Rags Sakai

Written by

Triple Admiral John Swartzwelder

Directed by

Steve Dean Morbid

Closing Credits

Executive Producer

Al "Halloween Names Are Back" Jean

Executive Producers

James "Just One Hug" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam "Sayonara" Simon


Dan (Your Ad Here) Aneta

Kadaver Kavner

Blood Curdling Cartwright

crab noodle

Hanged Azaria


Harry "I Want to Own All the Media in the World" Shearer

Special Guest Voice

Oscar De La Hoya

Special Guest Voice

Jennifer Garner

Special Guest Voice

Dudley Herschbach

Special Guest Voice

Jerry Lewis

Also Starring

Hellraiser Hayden

Terror MacNihil

Also Starring

"Maggoty" Roswell

Russi "I'm In the Well" Taylor

The Lurker

Animation Producers

The Remains of Laurie Biernacki

R.I.P. Polizzi

Animation Executive Producers

John "The Mole" Hyde

Mike Mean Wolf

Executive Story Editor

Andrew Kreisberg

Story Editor

Splat Gore-Spurtin'

Associate Producers

Black Kitty Cat Bro

"Fang"licia Nali"Bite"sky

Theme by


Music Decomposed by

Sheer Terror Claws-Son

"She Blinded Me with Science"

By Thomas Dolby

"Sleigh Ride"

Music by Leroy Anderson

Yakety Sax

Written by Boots Randolph and James Rich

"Stayin' Alive"

Written by Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, and Robin Gibb

"Rock Around the Clock"

Written by Max Freedman and James E. Myers

Performed by Bill Haley

Original Casting by

Nightmare on West Pico


Nick Tosh

Bad-To-The-Bone Barrozo

Animation Co-Producer

Drew Scare-ison

Post Production Supervisors

The Duke of Hurl


Dialogue Sound Editors

Bobby "The Scary Mook" Mackston

Scary Terry Greene

Norman "Bates" MacLeod

Music Editing

Stillborn Ready Ledesma

Bob Bleeder

Sound Effects Editor

Travis Evil Powers

Re-Recording Mixers

R. Scared Smith


Production Mixer

Ron Cox

Sound Recordists

Larry Spotts

Robert Bubba Nichols

Music Mixer

Rick Riccio

Script Supervisor

Louise Jaffe

Post Production Audio Facility

Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility


Presented in

Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks

Lisa Walder

Assistant to Mr. Groening

N. Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Jean

Mick Kelly

Assistants to the Producers

Michael Nobori

Classie Davis

Meghan Kiely

Allison Higgins

Louis Ferrara

Jenny Dewall

Tom Scarola

Post Production Coordinator

Drew Arrison

Animation Produced by

Film Roman, Inc.

Overseas Production by

Rough Draft

Chang, Myung Nam

Overseas Animation Director

Utit Choomuang

Assistant Director

Brian Iles

Animation Timer

Scott Brutz

Additional Timer

Tom Richner

Storyboard Artists

Scott Alberts

Martin Archer

Brad Ableson

Storyboard Revisions

John Mathot

Storyboard Consultant

Mike B. Anderson

Background Design Supervisor

Lance Wilder

Background Design

Lynna Blankenship

Hugh MacDonald

Debbie Peterson

Kevin Moore

Background Clean-Up

Peter Maivia

Character Design Supervisor

Joseph Wack

Kevin M. Newman

Eric Keyes

Character Design

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Prop Design

Andrew Burrell

Jefferson R. Weekley

Color Design Supervisor

Karen Bauer

Color Design

Anne Balser

Amy Rychlick

Daniel Chiu

Dominique Blaskovich

Assistant Color Design

Martin Alvarez

Jeanne Erickson

Lisa S. Waggoner

Character Layout Artists

Lance Kramer

Christianna Lang

John Achenbach

Josh Taback

Lucas Gray

Tom Richner

John Aoshima

Chris Clements

Alex Ruiz

Paul Wee

Background Layout Supervisor

Sam Ho

Background Layout Artist

Chris Bolden

Retake Director

Chris Loudon

Assistant Retake Director

Michael Polcino

Animation Checkers

William Bemiller

Larry Smith

Animation Camera

Reid Kramer

Eric Loudon

Lip Sync

Robyn Anderson

Track Reader

Laurie Wetzler

Animation Production Manager

Jason Bikowski

Animation Production Supervisor

Elizabeth Hernandez

Animation Production Coordinator

Darrell Kennedy

Animation Production Associate

Trista H. Navarro

Animation Production Assistants

Sarah Carpenter

Heliodoro Salvatierra

Brooks Stonestreet

Deanna Asato

Animation Production Accountant

Sandra Contreras

Animation Post Production Coordinator

Michael Mahan

Animation Post Production Assistant

Debbie Bruce

Assistant Film Editor

Kurtis Kunsak


Level 3 Post, Larry Field

The persons in this film are fictitious.

Any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional.




Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is the author of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.

This motion picture is protected under laws of the United States and the other countries.

Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The Simpsons and the Simpsons characters, ™ Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


Creative Consultant

Bat Groening

Executive Creative Consultant

James "Just One Hug" Brooks

Gracie Films


20th Century Fox Television

A News Corporation Company

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