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Donut Homer This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror Series.

Ow, ooh. Ooh, ow, oy. Oy, ooh, ow. Dead.
Jonathan Frink Sr.[src]

Treehouse of Horror XIV is the first episode of Season 15. Although this is the second Treehouse of Horror episode to be digitally animated, it’s the first to air after the permanent digital switch (originally going to be in the fourteenth season in production order).


In another annual Halloween special, we see Homer become the new Grim Reaper, Professor Frink bring his dad back to life and Bart and Milhouse get a stopwatch that literally allows them to stop time.

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TreeHouse 14

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Bart and Lisa, dressed up as Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt from the Peanuts series discuss their Halloween treats, and Lisa claims that hers are better than Bart's. The two then fight violently until Homer intervenes and breaks them up. He throws an inflamed log at them, but misses and hits Grampa. He even complains "I'm still cold". Homer gets Bart and Lisa rolled up in the rug and begins to "beat the lumps". A gun-wielding Marge intervenes and says that she does not approve of Homer's parenting techniques, she then shoots Homer, splattering his blood on the wall behind Homer (revealing the title). Meanwhile, in their spaceship, high above the earth, the two aliens, Kang and Kodos, take note of how the Simpson family is showing a Halloween special in November--they question why anyone would still be thinking about Halloween and point out how they already have all their Christmas decorations set up, complete with multi-legged stockings and alien reindeer then they fly off.

Reaper Madness

Homer death

Homer as Grim Reaper.

Reaper Madness

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In a parody of the Family Guy episode Death is a Bitchthe Grim Reaper enters The Simpson house attempting to take the soul of the boy named Bart Simpson, but the family goes on a Benny Hill-style chase to elude him. However, Death eventually manages to pin Bart’s shirt to the wall with its scythe. But As the Grim Reaper sentences Bart to an eternity of pain, Homer kills him with a bowling ball, (in revenge for killing Snowball I and President John F. Kennedy), but when he does, he learns that no one will die now that the Grim Reaper is dead. The scene then cuts to two examples of a world without death: Frankie the Squealer being repeatedly shot by the Springfield Mafia and Moe hanging himself from the ceiling without success. On trash day, Marge tells Homer to take the dead Grim Reaper to the curb. Homer does, but puts on the robe, inadvertently transforming himself into the new Grim Reaper. He kills many people on God’s list (and some who are not) until he is asked to kill Marge. Homer doesn’t want to kill his wife (or himself, an alternative he is given but quickly rejects), and he tries to plead to God that he wants to get out of the job after leading him to believe that he killed Marge. Then Homer pulls a fast one on God by substituting Patty’s body for Marge. The annoyed deity tries to punish Homer with a (presumably lethal) sunbeam but Homer narrowly escapes on his motorcycle, prompting God to sigh "I’m too old and far too rich for this." Meanwhile, at the house, Marge gives Homer an extra pork chop for not killing her. Homer then mentions that he will not kill Marge every week from now on, which everyone laughs about it.



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In a parody of Frankenstein, Homer gets a call from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences telling him that he is the winner of the Nobel Prize; however, Lisa learns that it’s actually for Professor Frink. Frink is so excited that he won the Nobel Prize (for devising a hammer with a screwdriver on the other end of it), where he expresses the wish that his father was able to see him win. He explains that his father always saw him as a disappointment, and describes his father as a he-man scientist who worked on the atom bomb by day, slept with Marilyn Monroe by night, and sold secrets to the Russians at lunch. The last time he was seen alive just before he went on a fishing trip. Frink Jr. didn't want to go on the trip because he gets sick ("clean but nauseous") taking a shower. His father, disgusted, took off without him. Frink reveals that his father was bitten by a shark while he was testing a blood-based suntan lotion.

Treehouse of Horror XIV (4)

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Meanwhile, Frink decides to reanimate his father’s corpse in order to have him appear at the ceremony. Unfortunately, the corpse of Frink Sr. goes on a rampage stripping organ from others, including Ned Flanders' heart, Principal Skinner's spine (his mother isn't amused), Sideshow Mel's trademark hair, Krusty's neck Snake's right arm, Mr. Burns' left arm, Nelson's torso, part of Selma's right foot, part of Disco Stu's left foot, Kearney's legs, and Jeffery Albertson's butt. Eventually, Lisa convinces Frink Sr. to stop when he realizes he is causing his son anguish. Meanwhile at the awards ceremony in Stockholm, Frink Sr. tries to make amends with his son for his recent behavior, but he goes another rampage through the audience, stealing brains of scientists growing more and more intelligent. Frink Jr. manages to stop his father with a kick to the crotch, killing him. Meanwhile, before dying, Frink Sr. is very proud of his son for standing up to him, however he is able to hold on to his father's soul (which talks to him from a box).

Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off

Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off

Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off title card

In a parody of the Twilight Zone episode A Kind of a Stopwatch, Bart and Milhouse get a stopwatch through an advertisement in an old comic book magazine for 49 cents that actually allows them to stop time. Boys have a great blast pulling pranks on Springfieldians, such as depantsing Principal Skinner and stealing Homer's doughnuts. They almost get away with it, but they are outsmarted by Mayor Quimby who sprays ultraviolet powder on the ground tracking their footsteps. An angry mob goes after Bart and Milhouse. While they are on the run, Chief Wiggum shoots at them; they freeze time and the watch breaks, causing Bart and Milhouse to be the only two people moving in a frozen world where time has stopped. They soon take advantage of this and go on a world wide crime spree, kidnapping the Pope for wedgying, stealing whatever they want and just generally doing anything they wish, for example Bart washes his sisters and Homer and his (Homer's) head keeps falling of, which Bart sighs and comments with "that keeps happening" . They soon become bored and realize they need to fix the watch. Although the watch repair manual states that each lesson lasts about an hour, since they lack much education, have limited vocabularies and no other people to help them, a few hours turn into 15 years to get the watch fixed and for matters to go back to normal. Once repaired however, Bart realizes that once they restart time everyone will want to kill them and the pair are in terrible shape since they had been eating nothing but gummy worms for 15 years so they wouldn't be able to escape. In need of a scapegoat, the pair position Martin Prince to take the blame, and he is clobbered when time returns. However, Lisa points out that Bart has become a 25 year old and has amassed vast riches and complains about not being able to mess around with time. In the interest of being fair, Bart allows Lisa to use the watch. She then discovers a second button which interferes with reality, causing the Simpsons to undergo various changes such as becoming bobble heads, having their torsos separate from their bodies on jetpacks, become T.V. Guides, have their sexes swapped, become the Fantastic 4, and finally begin hula-hooping to "Rock Around the Clock", and somehow Bart is restored back to his normal ten year-old self.


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