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[[Rob LaZebnik|Rob Undeadnik]]
[[Rob LaZebnik|Rob Undeadnik]]
'''Supervising Producers'''
[[Larina Jean Adamson|Larina Aspasia Adamopoulos]]
[[Matt Warburton|20,000 Leagues Under Matt Warburton]]
[[Jeff Westbrook|Stiff Corpsebrook]]

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Created by

Bat Groening

Developed by

James "Ha-Ha, The Truth is Unknowable" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam "Sayonara" Simon

Executive Producers

Ian Axed-Own-Grandma

Enter Selman by Mattallica

Trick or Tim Long

Co-Executive Producers


Rank Vine Cur

J. Boo-art Boo-urns

Wes Craven's Michael Price


Marc Wilmorgue

Ebola H. Cohen

L. Ron Hauge

Rob Undeadnik

Supervising Producers

Larina Aspasia Adamopoulos

20,000 Leagues Under Matt Warburton

Stiff Corpsebrook

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