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[[Mike Reiss|My Creeps]]
[[Mike Reiss|My Creeps]]
'''Consulting Producer'''
[[David Silverman|David Silverthing Overthere]]
[[Daniel Chun|Daniel Cthulhun]]
'''Supervising Director'''
[[Mark Kirkland|Mark "Maniac" Kirkland]]
'''Written By'''
'''Written By'''
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[[Hank Azaria|Health Care in this Country]]
[[Hank Azaria|Health Care in this Country]]
[[Harry Shearer]]
[[Harry Shearer]]

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Created By

Bat Groening

Developed By

James "What's Grim About the Reaper?" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam "Sayonara" Simon

Executed Producers

Ian Maxtone-Graham

Matt Saruman

Terrifying Tim Long

Co-Executive Producers

Count Frinkula

Desecrated Don Payne

Dana Ghouled

Ghosty Curran

Jth Degree Burns

The Mike of Pricenstein

Bill "The Impaler" Odenkirk

Wolfman Black

Joel E. Coli

Supervising Producers

Disturbia Adamson

The Hills Have Matt Warburton

Consulting Producer

Happy Hallomine


Darn Greaney

Cleft Chestbrook

Enron Hauge

The Haunted Mill

Mars Attacks Pross

Mike Scurvy

Decadent David Mirkin

My Creeps

Consulting Producer

David Silverthing Overthere


Daniel Cthulhun

Supervising Director

Mark "Maniac" Kirkland

Written By

Marc Wilmore

Directed By

Chuck "Bloody" Sheetz


Abbot & Costellaneta Meet Frankenstien
Julie D Carver

Nancy Bartfright
The Dentist

Health Care in this Country


Harry Shearer

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