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|episode=Treehouse of Horror XVIII
|episode=Treehouse of Horror XVIII

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I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Treehouse of Horror XVIII
Little Orphan Millie

Homer:Creme Brulee! Creme Brulee! Creme Brulee! Or in English:Burnt Cream! Burnt Cream! Burnt Cream!

Bart:What is that unearthly glow?The sensible thing is to investigate.

Kodos:My friends and I come in peace to find your vulnerabilities. . .and cure them with more peace.

Bart:Is that a ray gun? Kodos:No! It's a. . . deodorant applicator. I'll just(accidentally shoots himself,yells in pain,mutters). Smells like a summer breeze.

Kodos:I just hope those scientists leave me my mouth so I can spread peace in song.(sings) Peeeaace! Peace, peace, peace from space.

Bart:They've come for-What's your name? Kodos:Kodos the Destroyer. Bart:Huh?

(Approach armed men.)Bart:We could fly over them with the power of love, right? Kodos:Hmmm. We could. Or. . .(Shoots them)

Bart: You killed them! Kodos:Well done, Columbo! That's right, we watch Columbo. They air it during rainouts of kleep-klop games.

Homer:Come on! We get to kill one!

(Bart about to shoot Kodos) Kodos:Bart. . .friend?

Homer:Come on, guys! We'll miss the dissection!

Kodos:Actually, I'm still alive, so it's technically vivisection. Template:Season 19

Homer: Nobody wants a know it all.

(Homer covers Kodo's mouth with a pillow)

Mr. Burns: Greetings 241.

Homer: Why does he always mention my weight.

Marge: You're a killer for higher.

Homer: You ruined that pie.

Homer(thinking): It's poison, whatever you do don't eat it.

(Homer eats it)

Homer(thinking): Okay you ate it but don't finish it.

(Homer finishes it.)

Homer(thinking): Okay but don't ask for...

Homer: Seconds please.

Homer(thinking): You moron just kill her.

Homer: I'll kill her after dessert.

Chief Wiggum(after being shot by a crossbow): I would have taken a bribe.

Marge: I get $2,000 a hit, how much do you get?

Homer: I just get to keep whatever is in the guy's wallet.

Marge: All those nights you were out getting drunk, you were out killing people.

Homer: I was out getting drunk, then killing people.

Marge: Great, now they would have tummyaches tomorrow, and where will superdad be then?

Homer(holds up a crossbow at Marge): At your funeral.

Homer: Hey now I don't get paid.

Marge: Homer I made some of my killer lasagna.

Homer(after the mystery skank throws a blade in his gun): Now I'm mad.

(Then he gets one in his head)

Homer: Now I'm...(starts speaking gibberish)

Template:Season 19

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