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Monster Gathering
Dracula: Ah, Halloween, The one night when we can walk the streets undetected.
Jimbo: Hey Lame-os! Turner Classic Movies called. They want their costumes back! (the bullies laugh)
Frankenstein: We lame-os?
Dracula: I have a remedy for our predicament. Into this costumery.

Don't Have A Cow, Mankind!

Simpson family in nick of time during muncher attack the house.
Rainier Wolfcastle: Come with me if you want to live.
The munchers eat Rainier Wolfcastle
Homer: Another politician who can't keep his promises.

(Simpsons arrive in the town)
Stranger: Safe Zone? You really think this is Safe Zone? *laughs* Well, yeah, you're right. It's right over there.
Soldier: Welcome, son. To survive, all we must do is eat your flesh.
Marge: Hold it right there, bub. What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior? (Rev. Lovejoy gets nervous) There must be another way.

Muncher 1: We needs windows too!
Apu: Where are you going?! You were supposed to stop at the bottom and wait for me!

Homer, as a muncher, follows the family
Marge: Homie, where have you been?
(Homer speaks muncher-like)
Lisa: Dad, are you becoming a muncher?
Muncher Homer: I think the better brains is, are you brains are brains, Blarrrgh!
(Bart points a shot gun at Homer)
Bart: Where do you want it, the mouth or the eyes?
Muncher Homer: Oooh! Mouth.
Bart: Eyes it is!

Lisa: Time has passed. Children play in the streets. At night, there is music and laughter. And all we had to do was let Bart take a bath in our food.

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: As a vegetarian, I did not eat any tainted burgers. And as a convenience store owner, I'm armed to the teeth.

Dr. Hibbert: (on the phone to the Simpsons) Well, I suppose Bart could be immune. (cuts out to reveal him barely holding back a Muncher with an IV drip) A genetic chosen one, if you will.
(He impales the Muncher with the IV drip then delivers his trademark chuckle. In the bedroom, Homer puts Bart down as they listen to Hibbert on speaker-phone)
Dr. Hibbert: If so, secrets locked within his blood (Munchers burst into the office) could be the key to saving humanity." (He takes down a nurse with a syringe to the forehead and beats another to the ground with an arm) You must get him immediately to the safe zone (Beats another Muncher off before feeding the arm to a third and hitting a fourth with the telephone) just outside of town.
(Cut to the bedroom)
Dr. Hibbert: (Over the phone) If you see my wife, tell her I love her.
Homer: You mean tell her "I love her", or I meaning you?
(In his office, Hibbert is bitten by Ralph Wiggum and screams as he is infected. In the bedroom, the dial tone is heard)
Homer: (Unconcerned) Hmph, I'll just high-five her.

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(Lisa is washing her hands and face in the bathroom, and Bart appears)
Lisa: Bart?
Bart: I've been waiting for you! And trying to figure out how girls pee.
Lisa: Sorry, Bart, I couldn't do it! There's got to be another way! What if I gave you homework help? I won't give you the answers, but I'll give you the tools to find the answers yourself!
Bart: No dice. Either take care of Krabappel, or Groundskeeper Willie will say he saw you kill Miss Hoover.
Lisa: Why would Willie do that?
Bart: Let's just say he owes me a favor. (Shows her the head of Principal Skinner with a knife in his forehead. Lisa screams)
Groundskeeper Willie: Crisscross! Like the plaid on me kilt!
Bart: You're not wearing a kilt.
Groundskeeper Willie: Uh Oh! (grabs his kilt and runs away)

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