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Cultural references

  • Dracula is wearing Iron Man (Mark III) armor, the Werewolf looks like Harry Potter, the Mummy is dressed like Jack Sparrow, and Frankenstein's monster is dressed like SpongeBob.
  • The Werewolf's Harry Potter costume may be a reference to the character Remus John Lupin, a werewolf.
  • Lenny and Carl are dressed as The Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood Blues.
  • Homer is dressed as Zorro.
  • The first segment is a pastiche of numerous Alfred Hitchcock films. The main plot derives from Strangers on a Train, where two men plot to kill off each others' enemies, while other elements of North by Northwest, Vertigo and other Hitchcock movies are included. Hitchcock himself is shown in a brief cameo stepping out of a bus (as he did in the title sequence of North By Northwest).
  • The second segment is a parody of both 28 Days Later (a pandemic causes mankind to turn into zombie-like monsters) and Children of Men (a society on the brink of collapse due to chaos has one chance of survival thanks to someone with a medical anomaly (in Children of Men, it was the last woman on Earth who is able to have a baby (as all the women in the world in Children of Men suffer from infertility); in Don't Have a Cow, Mankind, it's Bart's immunity from Krusty's latest burger). Also Bart's immunity may be a reference to the sequel to 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later which involves certain people immune to the virus.
  • The third segment (There's No Business Like Moe's Business) is a parody of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
  • If you look very closely you can see that the theater reads Madea Goes To Hell.
  • In the opening, the bullies are wearing costumes of John 117, The Joker from The Dark Knight, and Black Suit Spider-Man from Spider-Man 3.
  • The first segment title is a parody of "Dial M For Murder", the second segment title is a parody of Bart Simpson's catchphrase: "Don't have a cow, man", and the third segment title is a parody of "There's No Business Like Show Business".
  • Kodos' shushing everyone is a reference to the Gracie Films closing logo. Actually, the actual Gracie Films closing logo wasn't changed, it was did as usually in every Treehouse of Horror series. It is different with Baby Beaker Singing than Treehouse of Horror VIII.


  • In the second segment, when Bart and Homer initially step outside and Homer blows their cover, Kirk Van Houten is seen in the back right of the muncher mob breaking down the front door to try to get to the Simpsons. Yet, when they make it to the safe zone, Mr. Van Houten is clearly seen in the front of the crowd before the Simpsons push themselves through.  While it may be a goof, it could also be someone similar to him, though the physical features are astonishingly alike.
  • Ralph Wiggum is seen as a muncher eating his own arms. Yet he is seen happy and healthy at the end of the segment. Of course this could mean that Bart's immunity also doubles as a cure for the already infected. You can see Homer is still in his "muncher cage" behaving like a muncher.
  • After Homer becomes a muncher the gun turns into a single barrel.
  • In the 2nd segment, Apu explains that he hadn't become a muncher because he's a vegetarian, but in Lisa the Vegetarian he stated that he doesn't eat any food that comes from an animal. This would make him a vegan, not a vegetarian.


  • This is the first Treehouse of Horror to be in HDTV.
  • This is the first Treehouse of Horror since Treehouse of Horror X to air in October.
  • This is the last Treehouse of Horror episode to air in the 2000s.
  • This was only one of two Treehouse of Horror episodes to be aired before the World Series, the other one being Treehouse of Horror XXIII.
  • A clip from Dial M for Murder B&W can be seen in the 2014 film, Sin City 2.
  • The segment, Don't Have a Cow Mankind, is the third time Springfield has been over run by zombies (the first two being Treehouse of Horror III and Treehouse of Horror XIII).
  • At the end of the second segment, Homer still hasn't been changed back to normal (Bart probably wanted Homer to stay that way and/or it may be a reference to Shaun of the Dead.)
  • The ending song is the first time the main theme has been used for a song sung by the Simpsons.
  • Moe in third segment may is a doll.
  • The episode was meant to show Hans Moleman's head squashed by a tire, but FOX said that it was too graphic so the scene moves away into glasses and gums with teeth.
  • On FXX reruns the Gracie Films Halloween logo is replaced by the original normal logo (with no screaming and organ music)

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