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===War and Pieces===
===War and Pieces===
*The segment is a parody of ''{{w|Jumanji}}''.
*The segment is a parody of ''{{w|Jumanji}}''.
*Board games that come to life include:
*Board games that come to life includ:
** Taffy Land ({{w|Candy Land}})
** Taffy Land ({{w|Candy Land}})
** Drops and Risers ({{w|Snakes and Ladders}})
** Drops and Risers ({{w|Snakes and Ladders}})

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Cultural References


  • The creature inside Professor Frink when he goes past the X-ray resembles an Alien.
  • Frink has made his own Frankenstein's monster.
  • The monster refers to The Office, and the scene that immediately follows parodies the show's opening.
  • The first few frames of the opening credits are also done in the same style as The Office.

War and Pieces

Master and Cadaver



  • This is the first time the viewers were told not to watch ever since Treehouse Of Horror V.
  • This is the first time since Treehouse of Horror XVII that no-one broke the fourth wall at the end to wish the viewers happy halloween.
  • This episode aired after the three week hiatus on FOX.
  • The Wilhelm scream is heard at a couple of places in the episode:
    • During the "War and Pieces" segment, when Bart and Milhouse kill enemy characters in the video game they're playing.
    • After the closing credits, when the Gracie Films card appears.


  • In tweenlight, Ned's body is shown, then a second later, all is left is his glasses

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