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Moonshine River
Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Adventures in Baby-Getting
Treehouse of Horror XXII
Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Treehouse of Horror XXIV

Created by
Bat Groening

Developed by
James "Haha. The Devil Bought Facebook"
Bat Groening

Executive Producers
In A Haunted Mansion-Graham
Humatt Selmanpede
The Missing Frink

Co-Executive Producers
Kevin Killin'
The Witch's Stew Burns
My Kill Slice
Thrill Ride-N-Kirk
The Phatman of the Opera
Black Hole H. Cohen (Spoiler Alert!)
Raw Bloodyfleshnik
Matt Morgueburton
Uncle Festerbrook
Brian Death Knelley

Supervising Producer
Katniss Everdeen Adamson

Consulting Producers
Tempestous Tim Long
Scary-Lyn O-Name
Time and Relative Don in Payne
Dan Candycorn-Aneta
David "Dr. Annoying" Silverman

Dan Greaney
Tom Ham Smell
Pross Whedon
Gullotina Scarsa
A-Mike-Rican Horror Scully
David MirkinVision
Mike Reeeeeeeeeeiss!

Supervising Director
Mothra B. Anderson

Produced by
Re-Animator Raynis
23 Shades of Yellow
“Tapping as Fast as I Can” Sirkot
Richard Psycho

Written by
David Boogie Man-del
Brian Death Knelley

Directed by
Steven "Freaking" Moore

Executive Producers
Th-Th-Th-That's Al Folks!
James "Haha. The Devil Bought Facebook"
Bat Groening

Dan Funsize-Aneta
Pumpkin Kavner
Nancy "Thankenstein" Cartwright
your name here
Phone-Hacky Shearer

Special Guest Voice
Jon Lovitz
Macabre Marcia Wallace

Also Starring
Night of the Living Dead-Gerly
Milhouse of Horrors!!
Terror MacNhil

Animation Producers
Tom Frankenklein
Jaspreet Killin' Dhillon
Andrea "I got My Knife" Romero

Post Production Co-Producer
Dominique Braud

Animation Co-Producer
Dchungo Unchained

Associate Producers
Screamleesha Nalighostly-Goblin
Halloween Name

Theme by
Diablo Del Elf-Monstruo

Music by
You Don't know Jack O'Lantern

Original Casting by
Here Comes Honey Bon Bon

Don Of the Dead Barrozo

Production Coordinator
Green Letters

Dialogue Sound Editors
Bobby Mackston
Terrifying Greene
Norman "Bates" Macleod

Harmonic Distortion by
Simpsons Music 500

Sound Effects Editor
Travis "Tarantula" Powers

Re-Recording Mixers
"Mark of the Wolf" Linden
Tara Peril

Production Mixer
David Betancourt

Sound Recordist
Christine Sirois

Music Scoring Mixer
Rick Riccio

Script Supervisor
Louise Jaffe

Production Accountant
Richard Lorenzana

Post Production Audio Facility
Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility
Technicolor Creative Services

Presented in
Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks
Lisa Walder

Assistant to Mr. Groening
N. Vyolet Diaz

Assistant to Mr. Jean
Joe Clabby

Assistant to the Producers
Colin Contreary - Caitlin Pickall
Daniel Furlong - Regina R. Robertson
Eliza Hooper - Kyle Stegina
Benjamin Morse

Animation Produced by
Film Roman
a Starz Company

Overseas Production by
Rough Draft
Chang, Myung Nam
Overseas Animation Director

Assistant Director
Pete "Kid Flash" Gomez

Lead Animation Timer
Richard Gasparian

Additional Timers
Scott Brutz
Jack Dyer
Sam Im
Adam Kuhlman

Brad Ableson
Steven Fonti
Steven Dean Moore
Stephen Reis

Storyboard Revisions
Luis Escobar
Ben Lane

Animatic Layout
John Achenbach
Liz Climo
Grant Lee
Tom Madrid, Jr.
Mike Morris
Ralph Sosa

Animatic Editor
Taylor Allen

Background Design
Lynna Blankenship
Sean Coons
TJ Kim
Hugh MacDonald
Debbie Peterson
Charles Ragins
Dean Scammahorn
Lance Wilder

Character Design
Dale Hendrickson
Kevin M. Newman
Tommy Tejeda
Joe Wack
Matt Groening
Sam Simon

Prop Design
Darrel Bowen
John Krause
Kevin Moore
Jefferson R. Weekley

Lead Character Layout
Oscar Cervantes
Mark Ervin
Eric Lara
Istvan Majoros
Chance Raspberry
Jeremy Robinson
Paul Wee

Character Layout
Greg Checketts
Caroline Cruikshank
Manny DeGuzman
Jess Espanola
Yelena Geodakyan
Oscar Pangestu
Ryan Rivette
Fill Marc Sagadraca
Shane Sowell

Lead Background Layout
Gerald Clifford Rey

Background Layout
John Berman
Daniel Chiu
Ralph Delgado
Jabu Henderson
Sam Ho
John Liu
Mike Pettengill
Steve Pilapil
Rene Vega
George Villaflor
Ian Wilcox

CG Artist
Brent M. Bowen

FX Layout
Al Holter

Color Design Director
Dima Malanitchev

Color Design Supervisor
Karen Bauer

Color Design
Eli Balser
Anne Legge

Assistant Color Design
Mike Battle
Amy Rychlick
Lisa S. Cervantes

Animation Checkers
William Bemiller
Esther H. Lee

Digital Retakes
Steve Mills
Beth S. Morris

Scene Planner
Erika Isabel Vega

Lip Sync
Robyn Anderson

Track Reader
Laurie Wetzler

Assistant Editors
Kurtis Kunsak
Steven Fahey

Animation Production Managers
Peter Gave
Derek Higgs
Trista H. Navarro
Rebecca Totman
Eric Vesbit
Animation Production Lead Coordinators
Sean Patrick Rielly
Heliodoro Salvatierra
Animation Post Production Manager
Michael G. Mahan
Animation Production Coordinators
Sean Batton
Robert Brunette
Nikki Isordia
Kimball Shirley
Matt Torres

Animation Digital Production Assistants
Ashley Bamburg
Lejon Douroux
Animation Production Assistants
Brandon Michael Spear
Brooks Stonestreet
Angela Wixtrom
Animation Production Accountant
Will Anderson
Animation Production Assocites
Desiree E. Craig
Anna Pagan
Film Roman - General Manager
Dana Booton
Director of IT
Bradley Cooper
IT Support
Brian Gee

The persons in this film are fictitous.
Any similarity to actual persons
or events is unintentional.


Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
is the author of this motion picture
for purposes of copyright and other laws.
This motion picture is protected under laws
of the United States and the other countries.
Unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition
may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.
The Simpsons and The Simpsons characters,
TM Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Creative Consultant
Bat Groening
Executive Creative Consultant
James "Haha. The Devil Bought Facebook"
A News Corporation Company.

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