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Treehouse of Horror XXIX
Krusty the Clown (episode)
Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Treehouse of Horror XXIX
Treehouse of Horror XXX

Sea Captain: Fools! This whole contest was a ruse!

(Homer then yelps after being grabbed by two Fogburyport citizens)

Sea Captain: You are here to be sacrifice to an evil god from the ocean depths.

Homer: SpongeBob?

Sea Captain: No! To the eternal lord of horror, Cthulhu!

Sea Captain: An eating contest against the monstrous Cthulhu? To him, the Great Barrier Reef is just an average barrier reef.

Lisa: Well, my dad didn't eat breakfast.

Cthulhu: Uh-oh.

Carl: Uh, Lenny, my phone said that there's spores from outer space landing all around us.

Lenny: Well, my phone said there's divorced moms in the area who want me.

Lisa: Chief, chief! Space pods are eating everyone!

Chief Wiggum: You're telling me!

(Chief Wiggum revealed to be stuck in a giant flower Then Lisa and Bart Gasps)

Lou: Ah, don't feel bad for him, kids. He was a lousy chief.

Chief Wiggum: You know my feelings hadn't dissolved yet, Lou.

Lou: Nah, kids, that's just air escaping.

(Lou, Lisa, and Bart back away from gunshot by Pod Wiggum)

Pod Wiggum: You cannot stop us. It is really just a matter of-

Lisa: How come aliens never use contractions?

Pod Wiggum: We think it is scary. It is why we call Jerry's Deli The Deli of Jerry.

(Lou shoots Pod Wiggum)

Pod Wiggum: Conover down.

Chalmers: I'm not a plant!

Groundskeeper Willie: Prove it. Name the roster of the Clasco soccer club.

Chalmers: I...uh...I don't know. Is there a-a-a Rooney?

Groundskeeper Willie: There's always a Rooney!

Bart: Who did this to us?


Lisa: (after her music number) Applaud or die!

(Bart, Nelson and Milhouse applaud)

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