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Treehouse of Horror XXX
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Created by

Bat Groening

Developed by

James "Barr The Teddy Bear" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam Simon

Executive Producer


Executive Producer

Beetlefrink! Beetlefrink! Beetlefrink!

Co-Executive Producer

J. Strewn Bones

Co-Executive Producer

Price Slaughterhouse

Co-Executive Producer

Bill Ghostenkirk

Co-Executive Producer

Joel H. Clone (#403)

Co-Executive Producer

Creature From the Black LaZebnik

Co-Executive Producer

Jeff Meathook

Co-Executive Producer

Flyin' Hell Flea

Co-Executive Producer

Come Play With Us, Dan Vebber

Co-Executive Producer

Dyin' Koh

Consulting Producer

The Amramityville Horror

Consulting Producer

Village of the Danned

Consulting Producer

D.O.A. Greaney

Consulting Producer

Tim Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

Consulting Producer

The Curse of CA Rollomine


The Gammill & Pross

Packaging Talent Agency


Yikes! Smelly!


David MirkinVision


Dial M For Mike Reiss

Consulting Producer

David Silverwarewolf

Supervising Director

Destroy All Monsters B. Anderson

Produced By


Produced By


Produced By

Richard Psychotic Sakai

Written By

J. Stewart's Urn

Directed By

Grimothy Bailey

Executive Producer

Consitiutional Crisis Jean

Executive Producers

James "Barr The Teddy Bear" Brooks

Bat Groening

Sam Simon


Danny's Not Here, Mrs. Torrance

Ghoulie Kavanaugh

The Nancerrator

Laurel and Yeardley

Blankly Stare-At-Ya


Harry (Streaming? I Thought You Said Screaming!) Shearer

Also Starring

Petrified Pamela Hayden

Also Starring

Terror Macnihil

Also Starring

It Grudge-rly

Kevin Chocolate Thunder-son

Maggie Postmortem Roswell


Attila the Chung


Hello Lemoore!

Animation Producer

Tom "Dada" Klein

Animation Producer

Andrea "La Llorona" Romero

Staff Writer

Slain Czar Mazariegos

Post Production Co-Producer

Domi "Brown Skin Girl" Braud

Associate Producers

Fiendlicia Nastyvansky-Caplanator

Brain Games Killman

Theme by

Dancey Skelefman

Score by

Bleeding Fingers Music

Score Producers

Scissorhands Zimmer


Russell Bogeymanuel

Score Exec-Produced by

The Devil's Own Mr. Kofsky

Casting by

A Casting Director Has No Name

Casting Associate

Nick of the Outer Wilds

Original Casting by

Bunny Eater Pietila


Adam from Dalarö

Dusk till Dawn Barrozo

Production Coordinator

Green Letters

Dialogue Sound Editor

Norman "Bates" MacLeod

Pentatonic Piercing

Shamed Slicer

Composer Emeritus

You Don't Know Jack O'Lantern

Sound Effects Editor

Missing V Powers

Re-Recording Mixers

"Mark of the Wolf" Linden


Mr. Hyde Reynolds

Production Mixer

Boo Boo Betancourt!

Sound Recordist

Timmy the Terrorizer Lauber

Music Scaring Mixer

John Witch Chompman

Crypt Supervisor

Lulu the Friendly Ghost

Production Accountant

Diabla Dinero

Online Editor

Braaains!! Braaains!! Lund

Post Production Audio Facility

Sony Pictures Studio

Post Production Facility

Technicolor Creative Services

Presented in

Dolby Surround

Assistant to Mr. Brooks

Lisa Waldemort

Assistant to Mr. Groening

Macabre Disco

Assistant to Mr. Jean

Joe Stabby

Assistants to the Producers

Nick Dahaunted House

I Know What Dan Did Last Furlong

Booliet Coffin

Dead Kennedy

Night of the Laffoon Dead

Grim Reaper Grace

Alexa Pumpkin Patcherson

Cameron Went Missing

Deadly Iceberg

Overseas Production by

Akom Production Co.

Overseas Animation Director

Nelson Shin

Assistant Director

Oscar Pangestu

Lead Animation Timer

Robert Ingram

Additional Timers

Scott Brutz

Acacia Caputo

Ray Claffey

K. C. Johnson

Esther H. Lee

Larry Smith

Second Unit Director

Lance Kramer

Retake Director

Drew McPhail

Supervising Storyboard Director

Matthew Schofield

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