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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

Treehouse of Horror XXXII is the third episode of Season 33, originally produced for Season 32.[1] It was revealed in Comic-Con 2021 that this Treehouse of Horror will have 5 segments instead of their usual 3, although on release it was discovered that they were including the opening segment.

For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror series.


Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite," Bambi's revenge and much, much more are featured in the annual Halloween special.


Opening Sequence

The intro ("Barti") starts with a parody of Bambi, where Bart portrays Bambi, Marge portrays Bambi's mother, Milhouse portrays Thumper, Mr. Burns portrays the hunter and Homer and Lenny portray Bambi's father and his friend, respectively. The hunter kills Thumper and starts chasing Bambi and his mother. Bambi, thinking his mother got killed and couldn't make it, becomes worried. However, his mother appears and says it was all fine, while the hunter gets killed by the two deers stabbing him. As they start eating him, a fairy (Maggie) appears and creates the title card.

Bong Joon Ho’s This Side of Parasite

In a parody of the 2019 movie "Parasite", the Simpsons live in a flooded, rundown house so they go to a rich man's house to live in the basement secretly. Then, Kirk Van Houten comes in and goes to the basement, but then Sideshow Mel explains the allegory emphasize on the gory, But Kirk van Houten takes his bone and stabs him, and a fight breaks out.during the battle, Mr. Burns sees everyone and is nearly shot, but Smithers is stabbed in the back and Mr. Burns is beaten to death. the next morning everyone is shown dead inside and outside, and Maggie slides down the bodies.

Nightmare on Elm Tree

In a parody of the 1984 horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, Bart is telling scary stories to Lisa and Maggie to which they hide in their parents' bedroom, interrupting an intimate moment between Homer & Marge. Having grown tired of Bart's stories, Homer starts to chop down Bart's treehouse, but gets tired and passes out after a few chops.

A thunderstorm makes the tree come to life which gets revenge on Homer by kicking him for trying to chop it. The tree then stumbles upon a drive-in cinema where he sees Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy (who is also a tree-like creature), and starts attacking and killing people for laughing at him. The tree then finds a farm where he sees a sign about people chopping down trees for Christmas. Filled with disgust, he starts touching other trees which brings them to life, as well as any wooden objects, including a wooden baseball bat. Afterwards, the citizens of Springfield prepare for a battle against the trees, but the trees start spreading pollen, weakening the humans and even getting Groundskeeper Willie to saw off his own arms by accident. The trees, having killed all the humans, start dancing around the statue of Jebediah Springfield, while the dead humans make a Christmas tree. Homer regains consciousness, however, he gets knocked back unconscious by the wooden bat.

Poetic Interlude

Vincent Price reads Maggie a bedtime story about Bart:

In January, Bart was awful.

Put earthworms in father's waffle.

In February, dead of winter.

Bart catfished teacher right on tinder.

In March, he was the start of spring.

Bart unscrewed the playground swing.

April's known for paying taxes,

for Bart it's known for nude butt faxes.

In May, we dance around a pole.

Bart knocked it down with a car he stole.

June is halfway through the year.

Bart took a sip of his first beer.

July is when the bastille falls.

Bart cuts heads off Lisa's dolls.

August is always a scorcher,

Bart prefers his turtle torture.

September, Bart won't even mention.

He spent the whole month in detention.

October ends with Halloween,

Bart eats candy till he's green.

In November, Bart can carve the turkey.

He is serving human jerky.

Maggie proceeds to strangle Vincent Price before he gets to December, then she spells R.I.P. before going to sleep.

Dead Ringer

"Dead Ringer" is a parody of the film series "The Ring" and the app TikTok. It begins when Sherri and Terri inform Lisa that they had a party, and she wasn't invited. There, they watched a cool TikTok, but the video claims it kills you after 7 days. Sherri and Terri die in front of Lisa. Bart says that everyone went but Lisa, but he hadn't watched the TikTok. Milhouse tells them that he was the bouncer at the party and that he watched it 8 times. He's then stabbed by 8 knives by an invisible force. Bart and Lisa begin to investigate together. They get Grandpa to watch the Tiktok, having him describe what occurs in it to them. It features similar visuals to the VHS in 'The Ring.' Lisa and Bart ask principal Skinner about the video, but he brushes them off. They instead learn about 'Mopey Mary' from Groundskeeper Willie. He tells them that after getting poop on Valentine's Day, Mary jumped into the well to die and her body stayed for 7 days. Her body was then found by Groundskeeper Willie, who left her and covered the well to hide her. Lisa then watches the TikTok. The phone rings, telling her she has 'Seven days.' She calls the operator a coward, telling him to kill her now. Humorously, she is left on hold. Mary then climbs out of her television, approaching her. Lisa gives her a Valentine, and they become friends. Lisa is clingy, to the point of writing her a song, and Mary jumps back inside of the well. It then ends with a teaser for "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" and Kang and Kodos being squeezed in last minute then the credits roll.



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