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Cultural References

  • The innovative story telling style shown in this episode was also used in an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. The seventh episode of the seventh season ("Blackout") involved the same series of events being seen from several different view points. The character of Thelonious is voiced by Frankie Muniz, who played the titular Malcolm.
  • The 1999 film Go is another example of this type of story-telling with three separate stories all leading to the same conclusion, and elements from this film were even used in this episode such as when Rainier Wolfcastle smashed Marge's car with golf clubs due to their ramming into his car by accident, which was based on when Jack Nicholson's character performs a very similar action, to what Rainier Wolfcastle did.
    • It is clear that this episode referenced Run Lola Run, though that film had the same person doing the same day three times, each with different outcomes. However, the music while Lisa is running to school is the music from Run Lola Run.
  • Ned reads a modified book of Harry Potter, where Harry and his friends go to Hell for practising witchcraft. This is in reference to many fundamentalist Christian groups, who protest the book series for promoting Satanism.
  • The title is a parody of "Trilogy of Terror".
  • When Homer says, "Okay, if the doctor asks why you cut it off, you caught me in bed with four beautiful women," he is referring to the HBO series Sex and the City or the fictional television show Nookie in New York, which is featured in Half-Decent Proposal.
  • In Homer's drunk talk, he mentions the Blue Man Group and The Smurfs.
  • The Triforce from Legend of Zelda is seen as a cameo.
  • Chief Wiggum's exclamation "Great Grucci's Ghost!" upon discovering the fireworks refers to both Commissioner Gordon's frequent use of "Great Caesar's Ghost!" on the Batman TV Series and "America's First Family of Fireworks", the Gruccis.


  • The number that appears on Linguo's chest when homer feeds it beer, 418071 is an odd composite number. It is composed of four distinct prime numbers multiplied together(3x23x73x83). It has a total of sixteen divisors(1 3 23 69 73 83 219 249 1679 1909 5037 5727 6059 18177 139357 418071)
    • 418071 squared (4180712) is 174783361041
    • 418071 cubed (4180713) is 73071854533771911
    • The  of 418071 is 646.5841012583
    • The  of 418071 is 74.7738968275
    • 418,071 seconds is equal to 4 days, 20 hours, 7 minutes, 51 seconds.
    • To count from 1 to 418,071 would take you about four days.
    • There are a lot of Math geeks on the Simpsons writing staff so meh.
  • Shelbyville is twenty miles far from Springfield at least.
  • This is the second episode in which a car strikes Bart, however, only this time Bart does not go to hospital.
  • It is apparently Lou's birthday during the episode, either that, or Chief Wiggum was teasing him.
  • This is the second episode where Lisa tries to get to a specific location by herself, but ends up in an unexpected location, the first was Lost Our Lisa. Coincidentally, Marge had a family emergency to deal with in both episodes.
  • This episode suggests Lou is possibly left-handed, as he holds his gun with his left hand.
  • The French class at West Springfield Elementary practices with the phrase "la grenouille mange le pamplemousse", which translates to "the frog eats the grapefruit".


  • When Lisa is looking at the bus, one can see Milhouse sitting on it, even though he is with Bart.
  • Time during Bart's segment seems to move even faster: When Fat Tony and his gang found out that Bart was wearing a wire it was noon, and when Bart gets hit by the truck Marge and Lisa stole from Cletus it is almost 3:00 p.m.
  • In Bart's segment, Bart counts two of his keys as the same one (The key to Milhouse's house and Lisa's bike). However, it could be him joking and considering both keys as the same.
  • In Lisa's segment, Homer gets drunk as soon as Lisa leaves the tavern, showing time goes very quickly. (This is incorrect as Homer's quick drunkenness could be the result of him drinking while losing blood from his thumb injury).
  • In Homer's segment, Rod and Todd Flanders are at home, while the rest of the children are at school. It is unknown if Ned Flanders is homeschooling them (which, given their sheltered outlook on life, especially in light of Maude Flanders' death, and the fact that the only past episode which has ever depicted the Flanders children going to school with Bart and Lisa is "Skinner's Sense of Snow"), is probably most likely, or if they are home for the day. The pair don't even attend Springfield Christian School, which was last seen in "Whacking Day". However, in earlier episodes, the pair were seen attending Springfield Elementary.
  • When Cletus drives Homer to Dr. Nick's, his left hand is severed, but when his truck is stolen away, all his fingers are intact.

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