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The title of this article is conjectural. Though the topic is found within The Simpsons universe, a proper name is not available.

The Trucker 5 is a trucker who tried to smash Homer's windshield, but fell down.


After Homer decided to drive Red Barclay's truck to Atlanta, he and Bart had to drive 2200 miles in 10 hours. Homer took a bottle of pep pills to be up drive all night. However, because he also took a bottle of sleeping pills to "balance it all out", he soon fell asleep at the wheel. The truck then proceeded to drive itself.

Next morning when Homer woke up, he was so amazed that after he had stopped the truck, he told two truckers about it. They explained him that every truck has the Navitron Autodrive systems installed inside so they can drive themselves. The two truckers then threatened Homer to keep quiet.

Despite of Homer's promise, he soon told some tourists about the scam. The two truckers and three others then chased Homer in their trucks, forming a blockade, but Homer got past them.

At the end, one of the truckers suggested to stop using the Autodrive system and go back to using their hands and wits. However, they all refused it and decided to smuggle Beanie Babies as their new scam instead.


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