Tune Knight is a song sung by Homer, Lenny, Carl, Moe, Barney and Lisa on the episode "Lisa with an "S"". The song talks about the guys' preparation for the poker night and Lisa's excitement to enter the band camp. It is a parody of the 1956 song "Tonight" by Ferrante & Teicher. The lyrics were written by Stephanie Gillis and the music by Alf Clausen.


"Tune Knight" Lisa with an S The Simpsons FOX-0

"Tune Knight" Lisa with an S The Simpsons FOX-0


Homer: Tonight, Tonight
I'll win at cards tonight!
My flushes will be straight
Lenny: Lenny's gonna dominate tonight!
Carl: Carl's gonna be a little late tonight!
Moe: Tonight, Tonight
I'll cheat them all tonight!
When they're drunk they don't play
cards quite right!
Barney: Tonight, Tonight
I won't get drunk tonight!
Without a beer my head will clear
Moe: It's fun to trick a rummy
to put liquor in his tummy!
Barney: Your friendship's a delight!
Moe: And you may loose your sight
Barney, Moe, Duffman's ghosts: Tonight!
Lisa: Tonight, Tonight
Band camp calls tonight!
My demo goes online
Lisa, Homer, Lenny, Moe: Tonight, Tonight
My dreams come true tonight!
Lisa: (simultaneously) Deposit's due tonight
Homer: (simultaneously) I'll take the pot tonight
Lenny: (simultaneously) I'll eat fondue tonight
Moe: (simultaneously) I'll spike your brew tonight
Lisa, Homer. Lenny, Moe: Tonight!
Homer: Moe, what the hell is that?
Moe: Sorry, I missed rehearsal. Damn it!

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