Turbo Diary is a diary. It locks and electrically shocks any unauthorized user.It is made by Girltech, a division of Boytech. It costs $29.99.


Lisa thinks she can use one as Bart is reading her regular diary. She then goes and asks her parents for the diary as her birthday present and shows them a paper ad. Homer goes to a toy store to buy it and is told it just sold out and the last one was bought by Mr.Burns. He uses it to store his top enemies list. Homer tries to steal it and gets shocked. He buys her a personalized VHS tape instead, getting the idea from Ned Flanders. Lisa eventually gets a Turbo Diary at the end, and during the episode's closing credits Bart swipes it with a pair of tongs and uses it in a prank where he asks Homer to read him a bedtime story, but the "book" turns out to be the Turbo Diary, which electrocutes Homer as Bart laughs hysterically.



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