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Tyler's Brother is a boy, who is a student at Springfield Elementary School.


Just like his sister and brother, he's a background character. He's been seen at school and other places around Springfield. In his first appearance, his family was on a road trip to Cape Canaveral. His father became very irritated when he was playing around with his siblings.

After Nelson slapped his father on the back of the head, his father thought that Nelson was one of his kids, so he turned the car around and they went back to Winnipeg. It is unknown why he was seen in Springfield in later episodes, but it's possible that his parents got divorced.

He and Tyler were seen at The Slaughterhouse. The two were seen together again, playing capture the flag at the church picnic with the other kids.

It's not known what the status of his relationship is between his brother or sister. The first time he appeared, he seemed to get along with his siblings.


His first appearance he wore gray shorts, an olive green shirt with a beige stripe, and had green shoes. He has dark brown hair just like his brother. In later episodes he wears light blue shorts, a red shirt with a pink stripe, and brown shoes. His hair color is light brown.


  • His family is from Winnipeg, which is in Manitoba, Canada.



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