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Tyler's sister is a girl, who is a student at Springfield Elementary School.


Tyler's sister is a background character, who is often seen at school. Sometimes, she's seen at other places in Springfield. In her first appearance, she was seen with her family on a road trip to Cape Canaveral.

The trip was cut short when her father became increasingly annoyed with her and her two brothers, due to the fact they were touching each other.

Her father threatened to turn the car around and head back to Winnipeg, which he eventually did after being slapped in the back of the head by Nelson.

Despite being from Canada, she's been seen at school along with her brothers. She's not spoken as of yet. She appeared to get along with her brothers, since she was seen playing with them in the car.

It's not known what the status of her relationship is with the rest of her family. Her brother, Tyler was seen at the Divorced Dad's Visitation Jamboree, indicating the strong possibility her parents are now divorced.


In her first appearance, she wore a pink shirt, a red jumper over her pink shirt, white socks, and red Mary Jane shoes. She also has red hair in pigtails.

In her later appearances, she retains her pink shirt, but now has a white jumper, purple socks, and white Mary Jane shoes. She has brown hair.


  • Her family are from Winnipeg, is a city in Manitoba, Canada.



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