The United States Air Force Base was a location in Springfield that is a base for the Air Force portion of the United States Armed Forces. The commanding officer was Colonel Leslie Hapablap, and contained at least one Harrier jet and an F-15 Fighter. Known locations were a Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility, the CO's office, Colonel Hapablap's private restroom, an underground War Room, and several hangars. It was also a host to air shows.


Sideshow Bob and several inmates were taken over to the Air Force Base to clean up litter on the grounds in preparation for the annual air show (including condom wrappers). However, Bob ended up left behind, and decided to use his knowledge of the base to his advantage in his vendetta against Television. Meanwhile, the Air Force personnel started bringing several vehicles, including the Duff Blimp and the Wright Brothers plane (the latter of which was presumably on loan from the Smithsonian Air Museum). Sideshow Bob then tricked Colonel Hapablap into giving a taste of his personality by locking Hapablap out of the restroom and then acting as though he's using it so he could mimic it later on. Sideshow Bob then arrived at the Warhead Storage Facility and tricked the guard (mimicking Hapablap in the process) into going over to Chuck Yeager's Akura to clean it due to McGuckett allegedly spraying it with Runway Foam. After doing so, he snuck inside and brought out an antiquated atomic bomb. Afterwards, he snuck into the Duff Blimp and ironically hacked into the Tyrannovision to broadcast his threat: Either Springfield completely eliminates Television, or he will detonate an atomic bomb. Colonel Hapablap and several members of the Springfield Government including Mayor Quimby, after a long search for Sideshow Bob that ultimately ended up fruitless, ended up meeting Sideshow Bob's demands and removed Television all over. However, Krusty refused to give in to his demands, and created a rogue Television broadcast in a shanty taking advantage of the loss of competition to utilize 100% of the airtime. Sideshow Bob then decided to carry out his threat when Lisa and Bart Simpson came in (they traced Bob to the blimp due to the fact that he accidentally ended up speaking high-pitched due to intaking helium). He ended up detonating it anyways, but the best it could do was release just an extremely tiny mushroom smoke cloud to trigger a fire alarm on board the blimp due to the fact that the Atomic Bomb in question was long expired by then (as it was best used before November 1959). Lisa also used the Blimp's electronic billboard to tell everyone that Sideshow Bob was located at the blimp and send an SOS signal, causing the Police to surround the blimp. Bob then decided to make off with Bart at knifepoint, and then deflated the Blimp. He then rushed over to the Harrier Jet and hijacked it, but he couldn't pilot it long before it crashed into a ditch. He then escaped before they could arrest him and stole the Wright Brothers Plane. When Bart gloats that Sideshow Bob won't get away, as the Police's hooks will get him if they themselves can't. However, Bob reveals that he has absolutely no intention of escaping: He actually intends to utilize a kamikaze attack on Krusty's shanty. Bart tells Krusty to get out of the Shanty and run far away. Bob's plan ultimately failed due to the antiquated plane not having enough power to actually destroy the shanty. Colonel Hapablap and the rest of the SPD and Air Force then arrested Sideshow Bob, with Hapablap demanding to know what Bob's major malfunction is.


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