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Ultranet is a system that is a clear descendant of the contemporary internet. It was developed sometime before 2041. The system allows those to “plug in,” meaning have a jack inserted on their neck, to enter. The user’s body is unconscious for this moment.


Zia Simpson is a common user of Ultranet. Zia's mother, Lisa Simpson, goes into the Ultranet to find Zia, using Google. She finds out that Zia looks up to both her parents (although mainly Lisa).[1]


  • The system bears a close resemblance to Futurama's Internet.
  • When Lisa first arrives, the Ultranet asks about her friend requests, a reference to Facebook.
  • While there, she also sees "NewTube" an obvious reference, or descendant, of YouTube.
  • The manner of entering the Ultranet may be a parody of the Matrix, where humans had cables inserted in many parts of their bodies.
  • The Ultranet looks similar to New New York in Futurama.



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