Sofa So Good
Uncle Burn$
  • This story is a pastiche of Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge comics.
    • For most of the story, Burns is dressed like Scrooge McDuck, Homer is dressed like Donald, and Lisa, Bart, and Maggie are dressed like Huey, Dewey and Louie.
    • Professor Frink is shown having an assistant resembling Gyro Gearloose's helper.
    • Mr. Burns has a "lucky number one penny" (an obvious parody of Scrooge's Number One Dime)
    • Snake and his two cousins appear as the "Jailbird Boys" (parodying the Beagle Boys)
    • At the end of the story, Burns attempts (and fails) to go swimming in his new money vault.
    • The treasure is called the "Barks Billions", obviously named after Carl Barks. In addition, other Disney comic artists' names are referenced throughout the story - the Island of Donrosa, Mount Van Horn, the Floating Key of Strobl, the Tribe of Taliaferro, and the Gottfredson Trench.
    • The issue's cover artwork is a direct homage to the cover of Barks' Donald Duck comic "Ghost of the Grotto".
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