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Uncle Homer's Daycare Center is a daycare that Homer Simpson ran in his own home after a leg injury at the YMCA.


After Homer injures his leg at the YMCA, he is unable to go to work and has to stay home. Homer finds himself extremely bored, until Ned asks Homer to watch Rod and Todd.

Because the kids liked having Homer take care of them, this prompts Homer to establish his own daycare center to entertain himself.

The daycare center is wildly successful, to the point where Homer earns a nomination for the "Good Guy Awards" ceremony.

However, Homer spent more time with the neighborhood children than with his own children. At the ceremony, Bart and Lisa took it upon themselves to embarrass Homer by splicing home videos of Homer at his worst, exposing his true self.

After Homer chokes Bart on stage, the audience become horrified and prevent their kids from being watched over by him, putting the daycare out of business.


Some of the children at the daycare were: