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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

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Uncut Femmes is the seventeenth episode of Season 32.


Chief Wiggum’s wife is more than she seems; Marge takes part in a jewel heist.

Full Story

After discovering something terrible in the nuclear power plant, Mr. Smithers bribes Carl Carlson to keep what he has found quiet by giving him tickets to a Bob Seger rock concert. He invites Homer Simpson to join him, and he leaves Marge Simpson to chaperone a field trip on a World War II battleship, to her dismay.

At the field trip, Marge pairs up with the seemingly-boring Sarah Wiggum. After the latter sneakily tricks the children into going to bed early, Marge realizes that Sarah is not who she seems and is hiding her boisterous personality from the other mothers. The two are soon kidnapped after spending all night together, and Marge and Sarah find themselves in the lair of two women that Sarah surprisingly used to thrive with.

The other burglars, Erin and Bette, explain how, while they and Sarah were heisting a museum where Chief Wiggum was on duty, the fourth member of their team, Lindsay Naegle, betrayed them and had them arrested. However, Sarah was spared the fate due to falling in love and having slept with Wiggum. They plot to steal the Hourglass Diamond from their betrayer and Marge turns out to be useful in the planning, so they recruit her for the heist.

As that all happened, Homer and Wiggum soon find out about their wives getting kidnapped and when Wiggum accused Fit-Fat Tony and the mafia of such a crime, Fit-Fat Tony, however, adamantly admits that he and his mafia didn’t kidnap them due to them respecting Wiggum and his family, especially Sarah. Soon enough, Homer and Wiggum decide to go look for their wives after deciding to believe Fit-Fat Tony and left Ralph Wiggum to be in Fit-Fat Tony’s temporary care. Soon enough, Homer and Wiggum realize that Marge and Sarah are at a beauty pageant, which their wives are working the heist at ironically, and goes there to get them.

At the pageant, Marge, Sarah, Erin, and Bette execute the heist perfectly until Naegle realizes she has been robbed. Naegle calls the police, and when they, along with Homer and Wiggum, arrive, Homer and Wiggum instead apologize to their wives. While attempting to stop Marge and Sarah herself, Naegle ends up tumbling down the long amount of stairs, allowing Marge and Sarah to escape publicly with the jewel, much to the surprise of Patty and Selma Bouvier and their friends, who were watching the pageant back at the Simpson house.

Afterwards during the credits, Wiggum and Sarah, while making love with each other, realize they forgot about Ralph while at the same time, Ralph and Fit-Fat Tony enjoy some ice cream.

Retconned continuity

This episode turned out to be a one off thing (Non-canon) due to show runner Matt Selman answering people's tweets (Tweet since deleted) regarding why Sarah got a different voice in this episode and why she was portrayed like this, as well as why did nothing about her make sense regarding this ex-criminal stuff. He said "Everything and nothing is canon" as well as the fact they changed her voice for this episode for the story and plot line to work, implying that if Sarah's original voice actor Palma Hayden voiced her for this episode, it wouldn't work because true Sarah isn't this awkward quiet weirdo who can't piece two words together, to this all the sudden cool chick that was a former sexpot robber with other two one off throw away characters minus Naegle.

He also later confirmed more openly and clearly on an IGN article in regards to episodes such as this and others being set in their own universe and are not apart of the actual universe of the show and the already established timeline and or personality of a character, as well as his support for a Hit and Run Remake.[1]

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