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Some Homers

United Federation of Homers Through History is a federation of Homers through history.


When normal Homer knocked on Artie Ziff's door he showed him the federation. Five minutes later Artie and his son, Bartie Ziff, beat all of them up. Homer tells them to regroup for tomorrow and than Marge walks through the door and says that she married the wrong person. Later, all the Homers are seen on the couch that no one took out the trash. One Homer suggests that Egyptian slave Homer does it and they all laugh, although Marge doesn't.

Versions of Homer

  • Normal (Homer Simpson)
  • Teen Homer from 1974
  • Monk
  • Fat Elvis
  • Egyptian slave
  • Napoleon
  • Renaissance (Marge mistakes him for a caveman)
  • Two headed
  • Viking
  • Cowboy
  • Punk
  • Robin Hood
  • Spartan
  • Pope
  • Knight
  • Angel
  • Future (alien)
  • Businessman
  • Sailor (probably deceased)
  • Andre the Giant-esque Wrestler
  • Fop


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